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After nearly ten years of bimonthly reviews, interviews, essays and artist projects it is with great sadness that we come to you today in-order to announce that ...might be good will be going on hiatus for the foreseeable future. We remain open to the potential reemergence of our publication and welcome any inquiries into providing sustained support. In spite of the financial backing offered by our readership and generous funders it has become increasingly difficult to maintain and grow the publication while preserving the independence crucial to its mission.

We believe strongly in the role of rigorous, critical and exploratory arts writing in our communities – a role that ...might be good has consistently occupied since its founding in 2003. From its nerve center in Austin ...might be good has invariably placed Texas’ art scene into the larger philosophical and contextual framework while providing opportunities for writers, curators and artists at all stages of their careers to develop their voices within the confines of our journal. Claire Ruud, ...mbg editor from 2008 to 2010, frequent contributor and current Co-Deputy Director at The Santa Monica Museum of Art says:

...might be good allowed a group of artists, writers, art historians, and curators in Texas to engage in critical conversations and connect to national and international art worlds. Without ...might be good and ArtLies, which also folded last year, I certainly wouldn't have been able to imagine myself staying in Texas after graduate school. My sense is that others felt this way as well. These publications represented communities. They gave us a public voice and record.’

Finally, we want to offer our most heartfelt thanks to every reader, writer, editor, artist, financial supporter, employee and intern who has ever spent time with ...might be good. We’re humbled to have been able to work with you and have your readership. Cultural producers in Texas and beyond are doing wonderful things and it is our most sincere hope that they continue to receive the attention and thoughtful writing that they deserve.

Laurence Miller, Eric Zimmerman, Emily Ng


Fluent~Collaborative is a speculative non-profit initiative established to increase awareness of the ideas and issues that inform culture today and the parallel developments in contemporary visual art. Currently, Fluent~Collaborative has two projects: testsite, an experimental exhibition space, and ...might be good, an online contemporary arts publication.

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