Project Space: Hot Iron Press

by Claire Ruud

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      In an installation at The Front in New Orleans, a longer version of this video played on a monitor in the back gallery where the video was shot. The juicy green paint on the surface of the press still seemed fresh, fans blew overhead and the prints tacked to the walls wavered in the wind. Wandering through the lush astroturf and cloudy pools of water, the video's soundtrack felt by turns sublime and ominous. A refuge from the still visibly recovering city outside... almost.

      Hot Iron Press artists Kyle Bravo and Jenny LeBlanc presented Open Peril as part of The Front's Another Prospect exhibition series in New Orleans. In this "printstallation," the pair combines printmaking with dance, wind, and water to create a fluttering watercolor landscape. Open Peril examines the synergistic, destructive, and transformative effect of natural forces on the environment, with an eye cast toward humanity's role in causing, coping with and capitalizing on nature's effects.


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