Issue #176
Have Gun Will Travel October 14, 2011

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Project Space: Justin Boyd - Shotgun Series: Drifting Mix

(Please be patient. The video is approximately twenty-minutes long and will take time to load fully before playing.)

My current Artpace piece continues my exploration of the American Landscape so I thought it might be interesting to show another angle from which I have explored that topic. This footage was compiled over the years 2005-2006. My goal when shooting the video is to pair the landscape with a song. I do this while I am driving, then when I have a lot of footage paired with songs, I go into the footage and pick which songs I want to use and make a mix tape out of them. By doing this, the music provides a continuous thread while the video jumps from location to location. Hopefully ...mbg readers will enjoy a brief road trip mix tape with me.

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andrew fothergill
Oct 16, 2011 | 12:02pm

The horizon passing to the leftofthe moving car was hypnotizing. The contrast of the industrial site on the right and the landscape on the left was affecting-interestingly similar.

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