Issue #183
If This Is An Avalanche Make Me A Skier February 10, 2012

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Project Space: Andrew Kerton

subheaded The Deadly Inner War, notoriously difficult. Some said preposterously insurmountable. Now, retardedly gay. I wonder. The music. At the end. Sounds good? Push the thought through the body push the body through the thought.

Read………………,…………,……,,,………,,…………,,…eye music

sighs It was almost an aphorism

What Is Said ≤ How What Is Said Is Said

contemporary and hysterical influences

The Egalitarian Mind. Game. Test.

Image lineage attempt to move forward “To move forward at all!”
Assimilate the Object of your Thought

A long shot. The medium shot. The close up and the extreme close up.

The ‘Holotropic’ EP. Track 1
The ‘Pathology of Attention’ LP. Track 1.

The video, based upon an obsolete model of perception, was shot using a top of the range Panasonic TM900 Camcorder

Input/Stimuli/Subject -> Selective Filter/Lens -> Limited Capacity Decision Channel/Focus -> Responses - or
Limited Capacity Decision Channel/Focus -> Long Term Memory Store/Hard Drive ->* Edit -> Selective filter/Lens - repeat
Long Term Memory Store/Hard Drive ->* Isolated Capacity Decision Channel/Focus -> Responses/Output

17:13:18 February 1st 2012

Andrew Kerton is an artist from the U.K. working in video and performance.


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