Issue #193
Hotter Than Two Cats Fighting In A Wool Sock June 29, 2012

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Project Space: Scott Calhoun

Scott Calhoun (b. 1971) lives and works in Brooklyn. His new paintings use themselves as brushes, screens and templates. One work presses onto the surface of another, transmitting a faded echo. Paint is pushed or sprayed through stretched, open mesh, duplicating compositions, but also inverting and scrambling them. Accidents are embellished, colors blurred and forms submerged. These processes create shadowed or twined paintings, imperfect in detail, yet related in a larger order. They begin with automatic processes, but are filtered through the artist's hand, palette, and sensibility—a personal translation of conceptual processes. Their interwoven fluctuating layers create an open space for the observer's reflections or projections.

Scott Calhoun was included in the recent exhibitions A Person of Color at The Green Gallery, Milwaukee and The Keno Twins 5 at Colazione in Barriera, Turin. He wants to do a solo exhibition in an impressive venue.


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