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Carlos Rosales-Silva
Untitled, 2009
Gold helium-filled balloons
Courtesy the artist
  Issue #115
The Art of Entitlement
February 6, 2009
From the Editor
Claire Ruud

Yesterday, Leah Ollman (of Art in America and the LA Times) and Phong Bui (of The Brooklyn Rail and P.S.1) offered a few gems of wisdom about art criticism to those who attended the first in a series of three Viewpoint… more...

Teresita Fernández
by Claire Ruud
Artist Teresita Fernández recently revolutionized The Blanton Museum's atrium with her semi-permanent… more...
Matt Stokes
by Kate Watson
We’ve heard a lot about Austin punk in the last year, with projects exploring the topic at such varied locations as Gallery Lombardi, Fluent~Collaborative’s very own testsite… more...
Enrico David
Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Basel
Through May 3
by Quinn Latimer
“I can only trade one opacity of experience with another,” Enrico David has written of his work with a kind of sly finality. Yet the… more...
Warhol and the Shared Subject
Fort Worth Contemporary Arts
Closed February 1
by Alison Hearst
It’s true; we’ve seen a lot of Warhol lately. Trying to count the recent Warhol-centric exhibitions is a bit like counting sheep. The… more...
Imaginary Spaces
Menil Collection, Houston
Through March 1
by Alvaro Ibarra
Imaginary Spaces, currently at The Menil in Houston, consists of seventeen artworks selected from the museum’s permanent collection… more...
Jason Jay Stevens
Katie Geha's review of the ArtPace 08.3 exhibition was refreshing for its direct critique. Well-written and brave. I appreciate her nod to the by-definition potential for failure wherever experimentation… more...

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“Identity is a disease”-Arakawa and Madeline Gins, Reversible DestinyUpon reflection on this statement, we may begin to realize the restrictions and plurality of identity, and some of us may even find weakness in… more...

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