Austin Events

Art in Practice Panel Discussion

Art Building @ UT, Rm 1.120
Tuesday, February 8, 2011 - 6:30pm–8pm

Art in Practice provides guidance and insight into the professional world to students preparing for careers in the arts. Varying topics of conversation range from a nuts-and-bolts approach to gaining valuable job skills, to broad issues relevant to creative culture as a whole. Led by committed art administrators, enterprising gallerists, and established artists, these panel talks engage audiences in constructive exchanges about the multifaceted field of contemporary art.

L. Nowlin Closing Reception

L Nowlin Gallery
Closing Reception: Saturday, February 5, 6-8pm

L. Nowlin Gallery will be closing its doors this February after two years of operation in Austin, Tx.

AMODA Performance Series

Mexican American Cultural Center
Mexican American Cultural Center Saturday, January 29th, 8-10pm
Admission: Admission: $12/AMODA members & students; $15/general

Austin Museum of Digital Art is thrilled to host a group of five New York-based composer/performers. Ensemble Pamplemousse takes a unique approach to modern composition that embraces freedom and creativity. Their process blurs the lines between the roles of "composer" and "performer" as they work together to explore the possibilities of each new work both musically and dramatically.

San Antonio Events

Sala Diaz Fundraiser

Sala Diaz
March 19

Please save the date for a Sala Diaz fundraiser, Saturday March 19, 2011. This time we’ll do it at the compound with music provided by Buttercup and DJ John Mata. We’re calling it The Long Table of Love. With this title we embrace the still evolving social sculpture that is the compound, Sala’s fifteen year part in it and the spirit of our friend and co-conspirator Chuck Ramirez. Rick Frederick will serve as Master of Ceremonies. A number of artists will supply altered bicycle helmets to be auctioned that evening.

Houston Events

Frazer Ward

Glassell School of Art at MFAH
Friday, January 27, 7pm

The Glassell School presents a Core Lecture by Frazer Ward. Ward is an Associate Professor of Art at Smith College whose research interests include performance art of the 1960s and 1970s, the implications of new imaging technologies, and the status of art in contemporary public spheres."

Dark Frames: Animations From Devious and Daring Places

Aurora Picture Show
Friday, January 28, 7:30PM

Animation can be wholesome and charming and good for the whole family. This animated evening will be nothing like that. This program is dark, stormy and full of strange and wry films. The films will range from fictional to documentary to experimental and will feature murder cases from the 1930s, tales of cruising, the darker side of Beethoven’s hearing loss, dragons that grow out of sorrow and much more. Artists include Brent Green, Jen Sachs, Troy Morgan, David Jones and others.

Dallas Events

Dallas Art Fair

Dallas Art Fair
April 8-10, 2011

Celebrating modern and contemporary art, the third annual 2011 Dallas Art Fair will showcase paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints and photographs by modern and contemporary artists represented from more than 60 prominent national and international art dealers. There are 15 Texas galleries participating.


Feminist Read-A-Thon

Anhoek School

This February Anhoek School is conducting a Feminist Read-A-Thon to help students take courses free of charge and pay teachers fairly for their labor. Anhoek is a nomadic and experimental school with small classes (a limit of seven students per class), and teachers who are invested in challenging the power structures inherent in how people are taught and what they are taught.

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