Austin Events

Future Present: Five Artists, Five Weeks

June 29-July 31

Future Present: Five Artists, Five Weeks is an exhibition of video work by John Kilduff, Jennifer Sullivan, Brian Bress, Frankie Martin, and Shana Moulton. Each artist’s work will be on view for one week during the month of July in the 2nd floor gallery. This exhibition brings together five artists investigating new approaches to making artwork in the age of the Internet. Working within stylistic forms and tropes appropriated from popular culture and mass media, each artist examines a character (or multiple characters in the case of Brian Bress) within the self–contained video genre. All of the works are staged simply and are related aesthetically to home videos. Each artist tactically uses humor as a key element to engage with the audience, which in turn creates engaging narratives that are fashioned from our everyday realities.

Tom Holland and Alvaro Rodriguez Conversations in Film

Austin Film Festival
August 1, 6pm

Are you thinking about writing a horror film but aren’t sure where to begin? Don’t be afraid, we’re bringing in horror scribes Tom Holland and Alvaro Rodriguez for our Conversations in Film event, “Words That Go Bump in the Night: Writing Horror Films,” at the AT&T Conference Center on Monday, August 1, at 6:00pm. Tom Holland has written several certified horror classics like CHILD’S PLAY, PSYCHO II, and the beloved original version of FRIGHT NIGHT, and Alvaro Rodriguez has proven his expertise in genre writing with recent cult favorites MACHETE and FROM DUSK TILL DAWN 3. Join us as these two filmmakers pick each other’s brains (not literally, this isn’t one of their movies) while talking about the films that have influenced them and how the genre has changed over the years. From adapting Stephen King novels to carrying on the grindhouse tradition, these two filmmakers have experience to spare and several stories to share.

San Antonio Events

Get Reel Film: Potter-Belmar Labs, 1999-Today

McNay Art Museum, Chiego Lecture Hall
June 30, 6:30pm

Potter-Belmar Labs will present a selection of their moving image work spanning their entire catalog since the very beginning over 10 years ago. During their presentation, PBL will show video documentation from installations, excerpts from performances, and award-winning experimental video shorts that have been shown at film festivals around the world. Videos will include Double Thunder, which won honorable mention in the Fargo Film Festival; documentation from their latest live cinema work I Am Curious (Remix), a re-editing of Vilgot Sjöman's controversial 1967 films I Am Curious (Yellow) and I Am Curious (Blue); and excerpts from their San Antonio Casts a Spell video installation, which features San Antonians casting improvised, benevolent incantations

Fotoseptiembre USA

Fotoseptiembre USA
September 2011

Fotoseptiembre provides a nexus and a context in which photographic artists exhibit and profit from their work. With an emphasis on service and quality, they foster a professional exhibition environment, creating opportunities to enhance careers and develop markets for participating artists. Their annual festival and online exhibitions are eclectic and inclusive forums for photographic artists and enthusiasts from around the world. Many outstanding artists exhibit each year.

Houston Events

A Gallery Talk with Skin Freak Artists Edith Baumann, Aaron Parazette and John Pomara

Inman Gallery
June 25, 4pm

Derived from a term coined by the critic Al Brunelle and referring to the tactile and seductive surfaces of abstract paintings in the 1960s, "Skin Freak" draws attention to the distinct physical presences of the paintings in the exhibition: the scale, heft, shape, and emotional tenor and weight of each. With elegantly refined textures, carefully honed shapes, and inventive color palettes, each artist crafts a uniquely seductive surface through the thoughtful application of paint - hand-ground pigment, acrylic, or enamel - on a variety of supports, including canvas, plywood, and aluminum. "Skin Freak" encourages viewers to experience paintings as visceral material phenomena, rather than "images" without material dimension.

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