Austin Openings


Opens September 6, 2008

Guest curated by Paul Slocum and Marcin Ramocki, RESET/PLAY is an exhibition attempting a critical exploration of contemporary art inspired by video games. Questioning the history, control mechanisms, political and art-historical implications of electronic games, RESET/PLAY assembles a formidable group of international artists who made a significant impact on this growing post-game artistic sub-genre. Artists include Cory Arcangel, Michael Bell-Smith, Brody Condon, Alex Galloway, JODI, Guthrie Lonergan, Kristin Lucas, Joe McKay, Michael Smith, and Eddo Stern.

Where Are We Going?: Contemporary Artists Address the Issues of the 21st Century

Austin Museum of Art
Opens August 30, 2008

Where Are We Going? addresses how artists are exploring key issues facing civilization at the turn of the 21st century. Featuring painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking and video from AMOA and local collections, this exhibition is organized as a counterpart to Modern Art, Modern Lives, an exploration of key themes and issues from the late 19th and 20th century in paintings and prints from local collections. The pair of exhibitions prompts viewers to consider how artists engage with the aesthetic and cultural issues of their time. Where Are We Going? probes personal and political conflict, our relation to the environment, globalization, and the search for meaning in an often chaotic world.

Elaine Bradford & Seth Mittag: Fictitious Realities / Realistic Fictions

Art Palace
Opens September 6, 2008

This double-exhibition features work by Elaine Bradford (whose 2006 show at Okay Mountain was excellent) and Seth Mittag (whose computer drawings come highly recommended by Bill Davenport).

I'm Watching My Stories

Gallery Lombardi
Opening Reception September 13, 7-10pm

I'm Watching My Stories features work by, among others, Eric Uhlir, of recent acclaim in the Austin Museum of Art's 20 to Watch: New Art in Austin. Also included in the exhibition are Hector Hernandez, Enrique Martinez and Mindy Kober. The work by these artists often shares a clean illustrated style, humor and extensive narratives. Will this show offer a part two to Kelly Baum's Siren's Song at Arthouse in 2007? The premise—the story—is strikingly similar.

Austin on View

Cut the Cord! From Here on Up Everything Makes Sense!

Okay Mountain
On view through September 20, 2008

This exhibition is more like a screening: videos by included artists play one after another on a single screen. Curator Erick Michaud put the "play list" together as he would a mix tape, allowing for a natural flow to form as one work leads into the next. Including the work of artists like Alexandre Singh and William Wegman, it's bound to be good.

Cynthia Camlin & Marianne Green

d berman gallery
On view through September 20, 2008

It's worth going over to d berman just to see Cynthia Camlin's gorgeous watercolors. The artist's most recent paintings, exhibited here, turn to landscapes of glaciers and icebergs. Camlin explains, "Each composition is built through the incremental accumulation of small geometric shapes of transparent color, which add up to spatial trajectories and recessions, opening up windows into the white gesso. For me, the incremental and unpredictable process of constructing these compositions becomes a metaphor for organically growing forms in nature, where erratic, unprecedented forms emerge from finite and predictable elements."

San Antonio Openings

Jessie Amado

Sala Diaz
Opens September 5, 2008

We're not sure yet about the scope of this exhibition of work by artist Jesse Amado, but we're sure you should check it out.

Chocolate: A Photography Exhibition

The San Antonio Museum of Art
Opens September 6, 2008

Chocolate will feature the work of four conceptual artists who use chocolate as a source material for making photographs: Frédéric Lebain, Priscilla Monge, Vik Muniz, and Chuck Ramirez. Lebain, from Paris, creates monochromatic chocolate colored still life photographs by spray-painting obsolete technological objects with chocolate and photographing them against chocolate-colored backgrounds. Monge, a conceptual artist from Costa Rica, photographs pieces of chocolate that she has embellished with Catholic imagery. Muniz has received international acclaim for his Pictures of Chocolate—a series in which he replicates well-known images from art history or popular culture in chocolate syrup, and then photographs them. San Antonio artist Chuck Ramirez works in a photographic style derived from commercial advertising to investigate social, economic, and identity issues. His recent series of empty chocolate boxes calls attention to desire and gluttony, while also pointing to economic disparities revealed in the brand of chocolate one consumes

Houston Openings

Imaginary Spaces: Selections from the Menil Collection

The Menil
Opens August 22, 2008

Artists and writers have long been intrigued with the idea of constructing imaginary space. The exhibition is inspired by a series of installations organized by John and Dominique de Menil in the late-1960s-that dealt with spatial constructs: from hypothetical and utopian environments to invisible cities to earth art projects. See also the video program occurring in conjunction with this exhibition.

Mike Osborne: On Location, Beijing

Houston Center for Photography
Opening Reception September 12, 2008, 6-8pm

Mike Osborne's large-scale photographs, exhibited at HCP, not only document a slice of Beijing’s society in preparation for the 2008 Olympics but also show the city's place in the world as a society on the cusp of enormous changes. The artist will speak about his series prior to the opening reception at 5:30pm, September 12, 2008.

Austin based artist Mike Osborne is the recipient of one of two HCP Fellowship Awards in 2007, which granted him a cash award of $2,000 and a solo exhibition at the Houston Center for Photography. This year´s selection was juried by Anjali Gupta, Editor-in-Chief of Artlies magazine, and critic and video producer and Rachel Cook, artist, writer and independent curator.

Dallas Openings

Aaron Parazette: Surf Trip

Dunn and Brown Contemporary
Opens September 6, 2008

Surf Trip features new work by Houston-based artist Aaron Parazette. An avid surfer, Parazette’s paintings are heavily influenced by his origins in coastal Southern California. His recent work reveals scrambled words taken from a surfer lexicon, bright distinct colors, and meticulously sharp edges. Parazette begins constructing each painting by composing words on the computer. He selects a word which he then bends, stretches, and jumbles into a composition that often leaves the work convoluted. After composition and color are manipulated on the computer, the finished design is hand transferred onto the canvas and then painted into a strikingly flawless surface. Surrounding each letter there is a double pinstripe delicately painted around its edge. These various layers of colors create an energetic frame between foreground and background, remembering the 1960's paintings of Frank Stella.

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