Austin Openings

Rapture in Rupture

Opens November 15, Artist Talk 2pm

Rapture in Rupture, exploring the affective content of work by artists Lauren Kelley, Shiri Mordechay, Mindy Shapero and Nicolau Vergueiro, may serve as an Austin counterpart to Damaged Romanticism at Blaffer Gallery in Houston. Perhaps these exhibitions speak to our zeitgeist, in which brokeness seems inseparable from beauty and pain intimately linked to hope.

Justin Boyd: I Drove the Mother Road Home to the Promised Land

Art Palace
Opening Reception: November 22, 8-10pm

In this exhibition, Justin Boyd continues his search for what he calls an "American Spirit:" the ideas and artifacts that embody our culture and truly define us as American. I Drove the Mother Road Home to the Promised Land investigates the signs, words and dreams of Route 66 through video, digital prints and an installation of signs incorporating text and images. The press release mentions Boyd's new "psychedelic aesthetic," an aesthetic that seems to be circulating in these parts right now, for example in the work of The Totally Wreck Institute seen recently at CRL and Ken Adam's work currently at Sala Diaz.

Wonderous Instruments

Museum of Natural and Artificial Ephemerata

MNAE never fails to delight, offering up all sorts of curiosities for inspection. In this exhibition, Wonderous Instruments will display an array ranging from "Rare Musical Instruments" to "Weird Gadgets that 'Make Life Easier.'"

Houston Openings

Mequitta Ahuja, Cory Wagner and others

Lawndale Art Center
Opening Reception: Friday, November 21, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Five solo shows are opening at Lawndale on the 21st: AJ Liberto and Jesse Robinson, Cory Wagner, Ann Marie Nafziger, Mequitta Ahuja and Emily Sloan. We're especially looking forward to Wagner's Personal Panopticon and Ahuja's Flowback. After Foucault, Wagner's panopticon seems somewhat overambitious, but we're willing to hold back judgement until we've seen it. Ahuja just finished up a residency at the Core Program and her work is an evocative investigation race, gender and sex. We can't wait.

Fort Worth Openings

FOCUS: Ranjani Shettar

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Opens December 14, 2008

Curator Andrea Karnes presents the abstract sculptural installations of Ranjani Shettar, a contemporary artist born and currently living in Bangalore, India. Shettar creates large-scale artworks through the combination of industrial and natural materials, such as PVC pipe, stainless steel, cloth, wood, and beeswax. Her artwork includes elements of humor, and deeply influenced by her culture, the artist also represents aspects of Indian philosophy and symbolism into her work as well.

Nuevo Laredo Opening

Hasta La Basura Se Separa

Antigua Aduana
Opening Reception: November 15, 7-11pm

With a special emphasis on found objects and the use of recycled materials the artists in this exhibition mix their personal memories with our greater cultural histories.

San Antonio Openings

Anne Truitt: Sumi Drawings (1966)

Lawrence Markey
Opening Reception: Friday, November 14, 5-7pm

Sumi Drawings presents ten drawings by sculptor Anne Truitt (1921–2004) and is the first exhibition of the artist's work since 2004. Truitt once said she believed in something "James Joyce calls equivalence... that you find in the outside world, the exterior or material world, you find in material itself a match for concepts which belong to you which you already have" (Oral History Interview with Anne Truitt in the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution). A beautiful idea, and perhaps you can look for it here.

Alex Rubio & David Vega: Smoke and Mirrors

Unit B Gallery
Opening Reception: Friday, November 21, 6:30-10pm

A collaboration between artists Alex Rubio and David Vega, this exhibition explores vice, illusion and beauty. These two have collaborated successfully before, notably for Alex Rubio's residency at Artpace about a year ago. We're looking forward to see how their work together has developed.

Dallas on View

Adi Nes: Biblical Stories

Light & Sie
Through December 20, 2008

Light & Sie presents an exhibition of Israeli artist Adi Nes's Biblical Stories series. The works pair an investigation of homelessness with an engagement with Biblical imagery. The work continues Nes's engagement with masculinity and Israliness, while exploring more broadly the concepts of dislocation and disenfranchisement.

Joseph Havel and Annette Laurence

Dunn and Brown Contemporary
Through December 13

Two solo shows, David Havel: And never at any time have you resembled snow and Annette Lawrence: Free Paper, make a beautiful pair at Dunn & Brown this month. The work Havel exhibits centers around the destruction of The Dream Songs by John Berryman—a book that the artist has used in his work for over thirty years. Annette Lawrence shows stacks of hand-torn paper: junk mail the artists received at her home. The passage of time resonates in different ways in both these artists work, creating a rich dialogue.

Houston on View

Viewfinder: New Images by Texas Artists

Houston Center for Photography
Through January 10, 2009

Curated by Austinites Risa Puleo of The Blanton and Arturo Palacios of Art Palace, Viewfinder exhibits the work of fifteen Texas-based artists. Refreshingly, the show's press release doesn't try to fake a curatorial theme where one doesn't exist; the curators have simply chosen new work they think is good.

Michael A. Salter: too much

Rice Gallery
Through December 14, 2008

Even though many of his works are made of Styrofoam, some of Michael Salter's sculptures might be considered new media art: to create his "Styrobots" Salter re-uses the molded Styrofoam used to pack electronics for shipping. And Salter has a sense of humor. In his work, the waste produced by our incessant consumption of technology takes on a life of its own to become a giant, lumbering robot. Threatening? Or perhaps simply pathetic in its immobility.

San Antonio on View

Ken Adams: American Satori/Terra Lucida

Sala Diaz
Through December 15, 2008

According to the artist, this exhibition features a collection of "psychedelic pictograms presented as digital animation and prints."

Of special note will be the first public screening of Terra Lucida (World of Lights). Terra Lucida is a high definition, animated digital painting developed around recently recovered 'trance recordings' of psychedelic theorist/performance artist, Terence McKenna. We're dying to know more!

Houston Openings


Opening Reception: Friday, November 14, 6-8pm

Notions of time play through the work of the artists in Thrive, an exhibition organized in conjunction with a conference at University of Houston: "Gender, Creativity and the New Longevity." Don't miss the opening night performances by
Elia Arce and Joanne Brighham.

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