Austin Openings

Lane Heraclitus: Suns Gonna Shine in My Back Door Someday

Domy Books
Opens December 13, 2008, 7-9pm

Domy Books presents new drawings by Lane Heraclitus (AKA Yar!, Treon Rick, Gunther Imperfectus, Darnell Williamz, Bo Jackson, Nietzsche Rimbaud, Jacques Faust, Lane Stinkypinky, WTFTW) of forgotten blues musicians. In this youtube video, Lane says his favorite people are Friedrich Nietzsche and Arthur Rimbaud.

Dallas Openings

Margaret Meehan: On Sugar Mountain. Up Shit Creek.

Road Agent
Opens Saturday, December 13 from 6-8 pm

"Meehan’s concern with locating the sublime in the grotesque is as grounded in a traditional Victorian obsession with medical anomalies as it is with defying our more recent attempt to banish all nastiness and discomfort from our daily experience. In Meehan’s eyes, oily real life indeed seeps up into our fluffy, shiny world, and that’s where things finally get interesting (and often quite funny and absurd)." Don't miss it!

On Solid Ground

The Public Trust
Opens December 13, 6-9 pm

Featuring Kevin Bell, Colin Chillag, Christi Haupt and Steven Larson, all of whom are currently featured in the 2008 West Edition of New American Paintings.

Show # 20: Peter Barrickman and Petra Cortright

And/Or Gallery
December 13, 2008, 6-9pm

And/Or Gallery presents Show #20, paintings and digital landscapes by Peter Barrickman and Petra Cortright. On view through January 17, 2009.

Houston Openings

Equivalence: Acts of Translation in Contemporary Art

Laura Lee Blanton Gallery at the Glassell School of Art
Opens December 12, 2008, 6:30-8:30pm

Equivalence: Acts of Translation in Contemporary Art features video and sound installations, paintings, sculptures, and works on paper by John Baldessari, Mel Bochner, Omer Fast, Spencer Finch, Nina Katchadourian, Sherrie Levine, Johnathan Monk, Anri Sala, and Brooke Stroud.

Frank Olson + Mike Field

The Joanna Gallery
Opens December 13, 6-9 pm

Both artists create surreal landscapes and textural abstractions via fractal computer-based art.

Austin on View

Mark Hensel: Cryptostructures of the Urscape

MASS Gallery
On view through December 20, 2008

MASS gallery presents Cryptostructures of the Urscape, an exhibition of Mark Hensel's documentation and representations of the forms found in the Urscape, a mystic zone.

Rapture in Rupture

Arthouse at the Jones Center
On view through January 10, 2009

Rapture in Rupture, exploring the affective content of work by artists Lauren Kelley, Shiri Mordechay, Mindy Shapero and Nicolau Vergueiro, may serve as an Austin counterpart to Damaged Romanticism at Blaffer Gallery in Houston. Perhaps these exhibitions speak to our zeitgeist, in which brokeness seems inseparable from beauty and pain intimately linked to hope.

Benjamin Butler: Dark and Leafless

Lora Reynolds Gallery
On view through January 10, 2009

New York-based painter Benjamin Butler comes back for a second solo exhibition in Reynolds' gorgeous new space.

Dallas on View

Take Your Time: Olafur Eliasson

Dallas Museum of Art
On view through March 15, 2009

This exhibition gathers works from major public and private collections worldwide and presents Olafur Eliasson’s diverse range of artistic production from 1993 to the present. Artworks include installations, large-scale immersive environments, freestanding sculpture, and photography.

Vicious Pink

On view through January 20, 2009

In Vicious Pink artist use pink materials to create objects that straddle the divide between high art and camp. The show offers commentary on the uses of pink through symbolic references, material and design.

Houston on View

Beside You in Time

On view through December 27, 2008

In ArtStorm’s first custom made installation, Texas-based artist Joshua S. Goode creates a monumental sculptural for ArtStorm’s backyard and a site-specific installation for the interior galleries. Also on view are corresponding drawings, prints and collages.

Gael Stack

Moody Gallery
On view through January 10, 2009

Stack is currently the John & Rebecca Moores Professor of Art at the University of Houston, where she has been a faculty member since 1980.

Pleasing Punch, Personal Panopticon, Once Removed, Flowback, and To Whom it May Concern.

Lawndale Art Center
On view through January 10, 2009

The Lawndale Art Center presents five exhibitions featuring an installation of found object sculpture by AJ Liberto and Jesse Robinson, a maze of mirrors installation by Cory Wagner, a stenciled installation by Ann Marie Nafziger, graphite drawings by Mequitta Ahuja, and artwork by Emily Sloan.

Stephanie Syjuco: Total Fabrications

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
On View through February 22, 2009

In her first solo museum show, San Francisco-based Stephanie Syjuco presents "bootlegged videos, counterfeit remnants of the Berlin Wall, appropriated Houston newspapers, forged modernist furniture, and photographs made with pirated tourist snapshots." Excellent!

New York on View

Trenton Doyle Hancock

James Cohan Gallery
On view through January 10, 2009

Houston-based artist Trenton Doyle Hancock is well known for his absurdist narrative of the battle between good and evil in a variety of media that includes painting, collage, sculpture, print and the performing arts. The artist's densely layered works incorporate text, drawing, collaged paper, plastic, felt, fur, and paint to create a collision of symbols and visual tropes that evidence Hancock's singular vision and distinctive means of storytelling.

San Antonio on View

Ben Marlan: Imaginary Landscapes

Cactus Bra Space
On view through December 22, 2008

New York artist Ben Marlan creates vistas that are born out of his love of bright saturated colors and simple peaceful forms. The trees, hills, sun and other features of the landscapes become living creatures, moving around, conversing and relating with each other, and the viewer. Curious, indeed.

Rimanenze: Lost and Found

Blue Star Contemporary Art Center
On view through February 1, 2009

Blue Star Contemporary Art Center presents Rimanenze: Lost and Found, an exhibit that features the work of Dennis Olsen. Inspired by archaic documents and codices, Olsen creates tablets and small objects in bone china that reference jade, marble, and ivory and mimic artifacts which convey languages of other times and places.

Smoke and Mirrors: Alex Rubio and David Vega

Unit B Gallery
On View through January 3, 2009

In this collaboration, San Antonio- based Rubio and Vega "create intricate individual depictions of a personal vice, then break up the two harsh images into innocuous fragments, diffusing and intermixing the ambiguous pieces and collectively forming an amorphous cloud of their indulgences." We're not sure what this means, but we're intrigued.

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