Austin Openings

Johanna Heilman & Ray Umscheid: Farewell Analog!

Co-Lab Space
February 15, 7-11 pm

We grew up on it, and we're gonna miss it: analog television. Heilman and Umscheid's installation at Co-Lab, like a proper wake, will offer us time and space to celebrate the life of analog TV and mourn its passing.

Caroline Wright: I Do Not Know What it is I am Like

Bay6 Gallery
March 7, 2009, 7-10 pm

Borrowing from the title of a Bill Viola film, I Do Not Know What it is I am Like features a variety of new works by Austin-based artist Caroline Wright. The line got stuck in the artist's head and became the underlying theme to a variety of works exploring the emotional qualities of landscape and the non-linearity of the working process.

Lordy Rodriguez: States of America

Austin Museum of Art
February 21-May 17, 2009

Take a road trip with Lordy Rodriguez and witness his remapping of America. Rodriguez's decade-long project explores the addition of five new states that have saturated our geography--the Internet, Hollywood, Monopoly, Disney, and Territory. Lordy Rodriguez: States of America is curated by Eva Buttacavoli, Director of Exhibitions and Education at the Austin Museum of Art.

Birth of the Cool: California Art, Design, and Culture at Midcentury

The Blanton Museum of Art
February 22–May 17, 2009

The Blanton Museum of Art presents Birth of the Cool, a blockbuster show encompassing the painting, architecture, furniture design, decorative and graphic arts, film, and music that launched mid–century modernism in the United States and established Los Angeles as a major American cultural center.

Installation features include iconic examples of Eames chairs, Noguchi sculpture, and a jazz lounge; film, animation, and television programming; Van Keppel Green furniture and architectural pottery; hard–edge abstract paintings; selections of art, architectural, and documentary photography; and an interactive timeline that highlights examples of California, national, and international culture and history of 1959.

Furniture Landscapes and Oceans of Ink

d berman gallery
February 26, 2009, 6-8pm

In Furniture Landscapes and Oceans of Ink, artists Leslie Mutchler and Naomi Schlinke explore the intersection of contrast. Mutchler investigates consumer desire and organization through digital drawing and collage using catalogue imagery from Ikea, Crate & Barrel, and other magazines whereas Schlinke uses ink on clay board to explore the sensuous and contemplative qualities of the media.

Austin on View

Carlos Rosales-Silva: No National Monument

MASS Gallery
February 7-21, 2009

Okay Mountain member Carlos Rosales-Silva presents art works influenced by the his rediscovery of his cultural heritages at MASS Gallery. Works include helium filled gold balloons, vividly colored installations, and gold-embossed letters on paper packed with humor and wit.

Warren Oates in the Economic Crisis of 2008

Okay Mountain
On view until February 21, 2009

Curated by Dave Bryant, this group show finds inspiration from deceased character actor Warren Oates. Though participating artists were not given Warren Oates as an assignment, but rather have been identified as being from the same cut as the actor--an actor whose films were mostly underground and low-budget, but filled with allure, familiarity, and strangeness. Bryant wonders and asks, "What are we to learn from these artists at this particular time [in our economy]? What are they making right now?" Artists include Matt Bua, Steven Canaday, Bruce Conkle, Dana Dart-McLean, Shawna Ferreira, Mark Flood, Andrew Guenther, Nick Lowe, Lauren Luloff, Michael Mahalchick, Brian Mumford, Mike Pare, Johnny Ryan, Jocelyn Shipley, Jennifer Sullivan, Matthew Thurber, Jim Tozzi, Michael Williams.

Dallas/Fort Worth Openings

Richard Patterson

Goss-Michael Foundation
Opens February 21, 2009

YBA Richard Patterson currently lives and works in Dallas. While it's beyond us why anyone would move from London to Dallas, we feel blessed to have Patterson around.

Houston Openings

Claire Fontaine: Call + 972 2 5 839 749

galería perdida
February 21, 2009, 5-7pm

Claire Fontaine is a politically-charged Paris-based art collective who claims that love, love as found in a collective, allows us to unite and rise against fear and governmental terror. Through Claire Fontaine's works of appropriated and altered found objects and visual culture, they hope to simultaneously subvert and call attention to these cultural and political realities of today.

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