Austin Openings

Trophy Room: Jade Walker

Domy Books, Austin
September 12 - October 17, 2009

"Trophy Room" is an experiment in combining scraps of personal accolades, images of the body, and the epidemic of injury in sports. Recent interests in gender related sports texts including Warrior Girls by Michael Sokolove, in which he discusses the bias between young male and female athletes, as well as Feminist Sports Studies edited by Pirkko Markula laying out a history of this specific study, has fueled this installation to include bodies forms and sports models. In tandem with a larger installation, Spectator Sport, opening at the Austin Museum of Art in November, this installation is a display of fatigue and failure of the human body and the temporal methods for repair.

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 12, 2009 from 7-9pm

San Antonio Openings

Building Vernacular Imaginations: Paho Mann and Libby Rowe

UTSA Satellite Space, San Antonio
September 3-20, 2009

This exhibition presents the work of two photographers whose work creates dialogue between actual and conceptual representations of the contemporary American built environment.
Paho Mann’s series, Re-inhabited Circle K’s, highlights the multiple uses of the buildings built for this retail chain over the years. Since the 1950s, these buildings do not show a linear progression and homogenization of suburba, but rather serve as evidence of a more circular system of actions and choices that shapes the built environment. Rowe’s series Dwellings investigates the dual meaning of the word “dwelling”—how the “mental state” of dwelling is seen as definitively negative while the “home” dwelling holds the potential for both positive and negative associations. This series of photographs uses iconic images of dwellings made from materials that, along with their environments, suggest a state of brooding. Dwellings demonstrates the subtle differences between pondering, reflection, meditation, and rumination and when these seemingly harmless contemplations turn to a more decidedly negative, and often detrimental, dwelling.

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, September 3, 6-9pm (also open First Friday, Sep. 4, 6-9pm)

The Battle of the Buddha: Jeffrey Wisniewski

September 24, 2009–January 03, 2010

Jeffrey Wisniweski's work has posed something of a challenge to critics and audiences since he first began showing publicly at the beginning of the 1990s. Indeed, how are we to account for someone whose work has ranged in scope from a suburban tract house run through a wood chipper and re-deployed as a pile of rubble to large-scale objects concocted from high-tech camping gear and electronic devices? In an effort to reconcile these seemingly disparate projects, Wisniewski's art has been rationalized as an extension of the conceptual strategies of 1970s artists like Robert Smithson, Walter DeMaria, and Gordon Matta-Clark, while also being read as dystopic visions of socio-cultural evolution. In a sense, they are both and neither at the same time, formally resonant of works dealing with institutional ciritque, conceptually driven by ideologies of consumerism and the flow of capital in the late 20th century, but inherently sardonic while at the same time harboring a romantic sense of history, memory, and the transience of existence.

San Antonio on View

Culinary Delights: Photographs by David Halliday

San Antonio Museum of Art
September 5, 2009 - February 21, 2010

Culinary Delights features the photographs of nationally acclaimed photographer David Halliday, who lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Born in Glen Cove New York in 1958, Halliday moved to New Orleans in the early 1990s to take a job as a chef. His keen eye for formal relationships steered him in a different direction, however, and since 1992 he has been exhibiting photographs of people, places, and things. Halliday’s early photographs are in a traditional format, mostly sepia-toned gelatin silver prints. More recently, he has been exploring digital color photography. Although he has produced many landscape and portrait images, this exhibition focuses on his still life compositions using food, an appropriate subject for an artist who began his career as a chef.

San Antonio Closing

International Artists in Residence

Art Pace
Closing September 13, 2009

The last chance to see new works by Anne Collier (New York, NY), Charlie Morris (San Antonio, TX), and Silke Otto-Knapp(London, England).

New York Openings

A Voyage of Growth and Discovery: Mike Kelley and Michael Smith

Sculpture Center
September 13 - November 30, 2009

SculptureCenter, NY and West of Rome, LA are pleased to present Mike Kelley and Michael Smith's: A Voyage of Growth and Discovery, a collaborative video, sculpture, and sound installation. The exhibition will include a six-channel video featuring Michael Smith's character Baby IKKI filmed at a festival in the Black Rock desert in 2008. Related sculptures fill the 3000 square foot space surrounding a 30-foot tall junk sculpture of Baby IKKI. The installation features music from "Dance Beats for Baby", a new CD of music related to A Voyage of Growth and Discovery produced by Mike Kelley, with vocals by Baby IKKI. The project, a collaboration between the two artists who have been friends for twenty-five years, will be presented in both of their home cities. It premieres at SculptureCenter in NY and travels to Los Angeles where it will be presented by West of Rome in Spring 2010.

Opening reception: September 13, 2009 from 5-7 pm.

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