Austin Openings

Teresita Fernández

The Blanton Museum of Art
Opening November 1

Fernández took our breath away with Stacked Waters, her aquamarine transformation of the Blanton's atrium. This survey of the artist's work will inclue five recent large-scale sculptures, a series of six wall works and a new, monumental drawing made on site. For more on Fernandez, see our interview with the artist back in issue #115.


Okay Mountain
Opening November 7

A show investigating the book as an intellectual structure. Hot. Work by Joshua Callaghan, Gareth Long, Neva Elliott, Heman Chong, Anthony Romero, William Hundley, and Erick Michaud.

Noriko Ambe

Lora Reynolds Gallery
Opening November 7

Ambe will show a series of her carved artist book pieces; after obtaining books made by fellow artists, she carves them into landscape-like forms.

Katie Maratta & Owen McAuley

D Berman Gallery
Opening October 29

I'm particularly excited about Owen McAuley's luminescent oil-on-linen paintings depicting places somewhere between here and nowhere.

Two Halloween-themed Shows

Co-Lab & Domy Books
When else? October 31

At Co-Lab, Michael Ableman shows creepy paintings from "7pm till the end of the world." Meanwhile, Domy's got its annual Monster Show going on 7-9pm.

Austin Closings

Tell me everything, as you remember it.

Creative Research Laboratory
Through November 7

If Bas Jan Ader's story is any indication, (in 1975 the artist set out in the smallest sailboat ever to cross the Atlantic; later his boat turned up, but he never did,) this exhibition will be full of the melancholy of loneliness, disappearance and displacement. In addition to Bas Jan Ader, the show includes work by Myranda Bair, Susan Chen, Kate Gilmore, Justin Goldwater, David Horvitz, John William Keedy, Jason Bailer Losh, John Mata, Stephanie McMahon. A screening of Here Is Always Somewhere Else, a documentary about the life and work of Ader, will take place on Thursday October 29 from 7 to 9 pm.

Sterling Allen
Jessica Halonen

Art Palace
Closing October 24

Tomorrow is your last chance to see Sterling Allen in the main gallery Jessica Halonen in the project room. You are going to kick yourself if you don't go see it.

Dylan Reece

MASS Gallery
Closing November 7

Reece has a great eye for design. However, I felt like I could smell the weed when I rolled into the joint. When Dave Bryant and Nathan Green stashed a big bag of fake leaves in the corner of their installation at MASS last time, that was funny. This is a bit too much.

Jim Drain

The Blanton Museum of Art
Closing November 1

Drain's I Will Show You The Joy-Woe Man is, according to Dan Boehl, an interesting experiment with disappointing results. Read Boehl's review in issue #126.

Devin Flynn

Okay Mountain
Closing October 31

Devin Flynn's show at Okay Mountain appears to be an experiment in translating his work from the commercial world (his cartoon "Y'all So Stupid" is on adultswim) into the visual art world. If his buddy Gary Panter, with whom he plays in the band Devin and Gary, can do it, why can't he?

Contemporary Culture

Lora Reynolds Gallery
Closing October 31

The work in this show is definitely worth seeing. But in our last issue, Dan Boehl wondered whether it really reflects "contemporary culture."

San Antonio Openings

Mel Bochner

Lawrence Markey Gallery
Opening October 23

This exhibition of works on paper by Mel Bochner focuses on the artist's recent language-based Thesaurus and Blah, Blah, Blah series. Bochner is a familiar "face" in Texas, now that he's created a site-specific installation for the Cowboys' new stadium. Win! Vanquish! Conquor! Clobber!...

Gary Sweeney

Sala Diaz
Opening November 6

Long-time San Antonio artist Gary Sweeney says, "art is the stored honey of the human soul." Come get some honey.

San Antonio on View

Jeffrey Wisniewski

Through January 3

Battle of the Budda?! In Wisniewski's anamation, a good and evil Budda duke it out. Sounds like Urban Outfitters might be interested in adapting this into a t-shirt. The exhibition also includes four satirical tableaux of iconic American imagery.

San Antonio Closings


Unit B Gallery
Closing November 7

Work by D. Denenge Akpem, odie rynell cash, Thando Mama and Ayanna Jolivet McCloud explores African and African American idenitity. Ben Judson covered the show on Glasstire here.

Houston Opening

Anna Krachey, Jessica Mallios & Adam Schreiber

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
Opening November 6

Three shining stars from Austin, photographers Anna Krachey, Jessica Mallios and Adam Schreiber, take the CAMH by storm. We saw their work here recently in I am not so different, curated by Rachel Cook at Art Palace, and reviewed by Sean Ripple in issue #125. Austin photographer Barry Stone left an extremely insightful comment about their work at the bottom of the review: "think about their photographs in terms of a tendency toward or away from narrative."

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