Austin Openings

Alison Kuo

SOFA Gallery
Opening reception: Sunday, March 28, 2010, 4-6pm

Interweaving sculpture, drawing, and video, Alison Kuo creates a narrative about the anxiety of home making. Nesting, the title of this exhibition can refer to any number of instances related to the domestic. Kuo’s anthropomorphic fuzzy stuffed sculptures might recall the nesting instinct of rodents in which the animal seeks the lowest shelter possible to give birth. Her fragile cage-like wooden constructions are reminiscent of intricate nests made of twigs, grass, and leaves created to keep an animal’s offspring safe and warm. The animation in the exhibition plays with the relationship between objects, creating a nested arrangement of things hard and soft.

Austin on View

Temple of Booom

Okay Mountain Gallery
Through April 17

Okay Mountain proudly presents Temple of Booom, a collaborative installation by the artist-run alternative space, Cinders Gallery from Brooklyn, NY. Artists Kelie Bowman, Kyle Ranson and STO will create a site-specific installation that combines paintings, prints, drawings, murals and sculpture. Exploring places of worship, rituals, shrines, music, and congregation, Cinders will build their own place of spiritual assembly based not on any one religious faith but on the faith of a loose-knit community of artists, performers, experimenters, and musicians.

Roy McMakin

Lora Reynolds Gallery
Through May 15

Lora Reynolds Gallery is pleased to announce their second solo exhibition of new sculptures and photography by Seattle-based artist, Roy McMakin.For this exhibition, In and On, Roy McMakin conceived four pieces that meticulously intermingle elements of sculpture and furniture. Each work imbues the artists distinctly minimalist tradition. Two pieces espouse found furniture with McMakin's own sculptures, a more prevalent practice by the artist in recent years. His photographic series, Net Making, also included in the exhibition, skillfully illustrates McMakins relentless attention to detail.

Katy Horan

Domy Books
Through April 22

Lady Monsters is the title of Katy Horan's opening at Domy Books. Her work gives birth to fantastical creatures made of pattern and lace. Referring to ideas of femininity, Horan derives much of her inspiration from archetypes of folklore and history.

Kathryn Kelley

Women and their Work
Through April 15

Houston based artist Kathryn Kelley up-cycles and reanimates objects of urban refuse into large fleshy sculptures that often stand in the place of the self. The impressive scale of these pieces creates a theatrical position for viewers who are confronted with gregarious forms, or intimations of the shadowed self. Remnant inner tubes, doors, frames & windows morph & mingle in these ambitious works. Click here for more information about the show.


Blanton Museum of Art
Through April 25

See Claire Ruud's review in Issue #141.

Luke Savisky

Austin Museum of Art
Through May 9

AMOA's New Works exhibition series introduces fresh contemporary art by innovative Austin artists. The upcoming show will feature installation artist, Luke Savisky, who uses light and projection to explores ideas of perception, exposure, surveillance, and perspective. Click here for a video of a previous installation in downtown Austin.

Austin Closings

Elizabeth Chiles

Closing March 28

Taking compositions found within the landscape as a starting place, Elizabeth Chiles builds syntax out of the formal and affective relationships between darkness and natural light. Her photographs endow light with temporal and spatial presence—a visible presence that nonetheless gestures toward the imperceptible and ineffable. This handling of light transforms the everyday into something to be revered. In this way, the works in Book of Praise become an ode to a presence akin to that of an altar or inspired text, or what may be the aura of the sacred.

Dallas Openings

Lisa Grossman

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 27, 6-8pm

Lisa Grossman’s oil paintings of wide open rural eastern Kansas, painted en plein air (or on location) and from aerial photography, are a meditation on open spaces, exploring the emotional responses to atmospheric shifts in light, color, and the vast distance of land and sky. from the press release

Dallas on View

Jeff Elrod and Richard Tuttle

Dunn and Brown Contemporary
Through May 1

Dunn and Brown Contemporary is pleased to announce the opening of Jeff Elrod: Flower Thief and Richard Tuttle: Metal Shoes. Jeff Elrod will be present for the opening.

Houston Openings

Andrea Dezsö

Rice University Art Gallery
Opening reception: Thursday, April 8, 5-7pm

For her installation Sometimes in My Dreams I Fly, Andrea Dezsö will expand upon a technique she uses to make her distinctive “tunnel books.” Small, handmade books that reveal three-dimensional scenes, tunnel books are created from layers of paper that are individually drawn, cut out, and painted. Each layer is then stacked one in front of another in a collapsible case to create a miniature world with depth and detail that draw in the viewer. At Rice Gallery, Dezsö’s tunnel books will become life-size, with tunnels as wide as six feet. The individual “tunnels” will be placed just behind Rice Gallery’s large front glass wall, creating portals a viewer can peer into but enter only with their imagination. The human scale will be a departure point to another reality. Explains Dezsö, “I want to transport the viewer, as when you pass by a house and look into a window and see a different world from your own.”

An Exhibition of Proposals for a Socialist Colony

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 27, 6-9pm

In the mid 1800’s a box of national archives went missing during the Archive War causing Skydive’s land to revert to its original deed. It stipulates that the land be granted to any group starting a socialist colony on the property. The works in this exhibition are proposals for this new colony. They contribute a variety of perspectives on the fruitful paradoxes that reside in the quest for individual freedom and the necessity for social contracts, collective processes and their sometimes authoritarian implementation. from the press release. They also have a blog.

Houston on View

Demetrius Oliver

Inman Gallery
Through May 1

In a series of photographs, an installation, and a sculpture, Demetrius Oliver explores the effects and potential meanings of reflected light. "Albedo", the title of both the exhibition and the sculpture, refers to the measure of how strongly an object reflects electromagnetic rays. Oliver transforms common objects (light bulbs, coal, a suitcase, and photographs) to evoke phenomena and metaphors of illumination. Both introspective and expansive, Oliver's practice investigates the cosmos, and our knowledge of the universal, from the vantage points of the artist's studio and the gallery space.

Barkley L. Hendricks

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
Through April 18

Best known for his life-sized portraits of ordinary people living in his urban northeast community of Connecticut, Barkley L. Hendricks’s bold portrayal of his subject’s attitude and style elevates the common man and woman to celebrity status. Barkley L. Hendricks: Birth of the Cool is the first painting retrospective of the American artist, and includes over 50 works from 1964 to the present

2010 Core Exhibition and Yearbook

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Through April 16

The 2010 Core Exhibition features the work of current artists-in-residence Nick Barbee, Natasha Bowdoin, Jillian Conrad, Lily Cox-Richard, Steffani Jemison, Julie Ann Nagle, Kelly Sears, and James Sham II. Published in conjunction with the exhibition, the 2010 Core Yearbook includes essays by this year´s critical studies residents Regan Golden-McNerney, Kurt Mueller, and Wendy Vogel.

Allison Hunter and Kelly Richardson

DiverseWorks Art Space
Through April 17

Hunter's Zoosphere is a transcendent installation of image and sound investigating humankind's relationship to the natural world. In her first ever immersive video installation, Hunter upends the power dynamic between the human and non-human animal within a dark, mazelike environment in which the man and beast co-mingle. Richardson's flickerlounge: Twilight Avenger is equal parts sci-fi myth and forest fable, dreamy nocturne and dazzling special effect, Twilight Avenger begins with a fairytale-worthy image of a misty, moonlit forest clearing, inhabited by a majestic stag who emanates a luminous green vapor.

Panta Rei

Box 13
Through April 13

In conjunction with FotoFest, Panta Reiis an exhibition featuring eleven photographers from Austin, TX. Panta rei, translated from the Greek, means "everything flows." Thought to be first uttered by Heraclitus, Panta Rei describes a worldview of things in constant flux, famously positing that one can never step in the same river twice. Artists in the exhibition include: Ben Ruggiero, Susan Scafati Shahan, Leigh Brodie, Jason Reed, Mike Osborne, Barry Stone, Adam Schreiber, Jessica Mallios, Sarah Murphy, Anna Krachey, and Elizabeth Chiles.


Moody Gallery
Through April 17

Moody Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by MANUAL (Ed Hill and Suzanne Bloom), their first major collaborative exhibition since their retrospective was shown at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston in 2004. MANUAL on books is a large selection of photographs from MANUAL's extended Book Project, a celebration, paean or praise of the "book." The exhibition is in conjunction with the FotoFest 2010 Biennial.

San Antonio Openings

Joey Fauerso and Michael Velliquette

David Shelton Gallery
Opening reception: Friday, March 26, 6-9pm

Exotic Matter introduces new works by San Antonio-based painter Joey Fauerso and Madison-based paper artist Michael Velliquette. Fauerso's intimate and large-scale paintings on paper continue her investigations in the depiction of the human body as an intersection between nature and culture. Velliquette's recent series of cut paper works push the physical properties of his chosen medium further by experimenting more dramatically in high relief.

Angela Fox

cactus bra SPACE
Opening Reception: Friday, April 2, 6-9pm

Opening in the Blue Star contemporary arts space in San Antonio is Angela Fox's new mixed-media collages. Named after a life stage in the development of butterflies, Chrysalis explores ideas pertaining to transformation, beauty, and emergence. Figures surface from their protective shell of layered garments—textures and patterns collaged from high fashion magazines juxtaposed with the artist’s own meticulously rendered furs and designs. The patchwork-like casings connect haute couture to nature in terms of its organic and otherworldly qualities, while referencing a place where one parts with an old state of being and emerges changed.

Okay Mountain and Circulatory System

Unit B
Opening Reception: Friday, March 26, 6:30-10pm

For Unit B's Contemporary Art Month contribution, we welcome Okay Mountain and Circulatory System to San Antonio. Guest curators, Okay Mountain will exhibit Make-Up featuring recent works by Ben Aqua (Austin, TX), Brian Bress (Los Angeles, CA), Faith Gay (Austin, TX) on view in the gallery through May 2, 2010. For one night only, Circulatory System brings their converted school bus to the yard for a second time to exhibit The Album is Dead which features new video works by 12 artists from Austin and New York. See below for more info on both endeavors. from the press release

San Antonio on View

IAIR New Works: 10.1

Through May 16

Artpace's International Artists-in-Residence program 10.1 presents new work by Buster Graybill (Huntsville, TX), Klara Liden (Berlin, Germany), and Ulrike Müller (New York, NY).

Texas Exhibitions

Felix-Gonzales Torres

Through December 31

In celebration of its 15th anniversary, Artpace presents the first-ever U.S. survey of 95.1 Artpace alum Felix Gonzalez-Torres' billboards in a yearlong, state-wide exhibition of 13 seminal works sited in Dallas, El Paso, Houston, and San Antonio. Major underwriting for this special exhibition is provided by the Linda Pace Foundation, with generous in-kind support from Clear Channel Outdoor.

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