Austin Openings

Totally Wreck Production Institute: In Science, The Lion Sleeps with the Lamb

MASS @ Big Medium
Opening Reception June 5, 8-11pm

The Totally Wreck Production Institute presents the results of a series of experiments regarding "the qualities and curiosities of technological foreplay" conducted between 2009-2015. The lab sounds like part Kinsey Institute, part Apple Software Engineering Department. Perhaps they've developed a dildo app for your iPad? The press release is opaque, so you'll have to visit the show to see what Totally Wreck has wrought.

Ben Ruggiero

Opening Reception June 6, 3-5pm

Ben Ruggiero explores the romantic impulse in photography and painting through the figure of Hudson River School painter Frederic Church.

Sonny Smith: 100 Records

Okay Mountain Gallery
Opening Reception June 5, 7-10pm

For this exhibition, Sonny Smith concocted the personas of all 100 fictitious bands, then wrote and recorded two hundred songs (the A side and B side) for each. On display at the gallery will be all the original album artwork as well as a jukebox that plays all two hundred songs recorded by Sonny Smith and other notable musicians. Artists include, William T. Wiley, Mingering Mike, Chris Johanson, Reed Anderson, Jo Jackson, Harrell Fletcher, Chris Duncan, Tucker Nichols, Paul Wackers among others.

Chad Hopper and Amanda Jones

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 12, 7-11PM

Demand + Supply begins with an Assignment (DEMAND) to create a list of Materials (SUPPLIES). Chad Hopper and Amanda Jones engage in a closed-economy art experiment, wherein the elements themselves are also used as tools without any additional means. Click here for the assignment.

Drea Mastromatteo and Jacob Green

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 19, 7-11PM

Sum of The Parts is an interactive performance/sound installation exploring the gaps between the consumer identity and the personal self via ritual. Sound will be mixed live from various microphone feeds around the space and performers. The concept should elicit contemplations about personhood and its attachment to the things we own and do, as well as how they own us. The performance itself is a personal endurance and question for all participants, active and passive, to work through the masking concepts of identity that take us away from our humanity and the visceral aspects of our personal being.

Austin on View

Leah DeVun

Women and Their Work
Through July 15

Leah DeVun's photographic series draws its title from Lesbian Land, a published collection of writings by lesbians who founded or lived in women's intentional communities, sometimes called "womyn's lands," in the 1970s-80s. With this show DeVun takes the history of Women & Their Work as a jumping off point to ask viewers to consider the nature of queer and feminist space in the past and present.

Francesca Gabbiani

Lora Reynolds Gallery
Through July 10

Viewed from a distance Francesca Gabbiani’s intricate assemblages are easily mistaken for paintings. Their flattened realism is upon closer inspection composed of thousands of densely layered abstract shapes of cut paper. The often decadent imagery present in Gabbiani’s work complements and echoes her craft. Influenced by cinema, the interior space - both physical and metaphysical - as well as melancholia, Francesca Gabbiani illustrates surreal fleeting moments.

In Science, The Lion Sleeps with the Lamb

Big Medium
Through June 26

In the years 2009-2015, the Totally Wreck Production Institute conducted a series of experiments investigating the qualities and curiosities of technological foreplay. Visions of progress and product were set aside, and instead, the identity of failure was sought out as a milestone containing shrouded and inherent success. Inconclusive dilemmas became holy events with hidden meaning and techno-spiritual meditations. The romance of technology within the members of the institution shed the layers of traditional clinical procedure, and instead, anarchic and unorthodox practices became felicitous excursions. Investors quickly ceased their funding of these experiments, based on an overwhelming fear that the institute's pursuit of scientific conquest appeared to be slipping deeply into the palms of the psychotic/avant-garde.

Dallas Openings

Luc Tuymans

The Dallas Museum of Art
Opening June 6

The first U.S. retrospective of the work of Belgian artist Luc Tuymans—and the most comprehensive presentation of his work to date—spans every phase of the artist's career and features approximately eighty key paintings from 1978 to the present.

Berliner Geschichten

Barry Whistler Gallery
Opening Reception June 5, 6-8pm

The show, featuring works by Terrell James, Bo Joseph and Adam Raymont, includes works inspired by and created during the time these three artists shared together in Berlin last fall.

Dallas on View

The Non-Profit Margin

Through July 24

In an effort to challenge the traditional avenues of the exhibition and consumption of art and the art experience, The Non-Profit Margin presents work that confronts the current global economic crisis. Drawing from current residents at CentralTrak and the local community of artists, The Non-Profit Margin includes Richie Budd, Shelby Cunningham, Gary Farrelly, give up, Professor Riccio and Doctor Dufour, Marjorie Schwarz, and Ludwig Schwarz.

Sam Reveles and Robyn O'Neil

Dunn and Brown Contemporary
Through June 19

New paintings by Sam Reveles and new drawings by Robyn O'Neil.

Houston Openings

The Space Between Sound

Opening Reception June 4, 6:30 - 10pm

Markus Cone and Ian Travis of the band Chin Xaou Ti Won have invited a group of local noise musicians to perform on opening night, while Adela Andea will collaborate with Chin Xaou Ti Won to create an installation in conjunction with the performance. In addition to Skydive’s normal hours 1-5 on Saturday, Chin Xaou Ti Won will be using the studio for recording music through out the show. To stop by or to participate in a recording email markuscone@hotmail.com.

Houston on View

Jay Lizo, Kimberly Aubuchon, and Mark Aguhar

Box 13
Through June 17

In the Downstairs BOX, Jay Lizo's insulation And the Choir Sung On… includes the artists “heroes” and “antiheroes” in portraits and video work. Kimberly Aubuchon's exhibition, The Gathering explores the artist's fascination with the grackle in the Window BOX. In the Upstairs BOX, Mark Aguhar's exhibition Boiz Club includes drawings and sculpture that come from the artist's experience of growing up queer. Also on view in the Installation BOX is the long term installation Boulder by member artist Kia Neill.

An Exhibition of Proposals for a Socialist Colony

Through June 19

An Exhibition of Proposals for a Socialist Colony has been built from proposals for systems, tools, communities, communications, resource use, historical research, democratic gestures, implementation, and a public relations campaign. To produce this project the artists and curators engaged in a collaborative practice, where artists could operate as organizers and decisions were subject to the group.

Maurizio Cattelan

The Menil Collection
Through August 15

Contemporary Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan is known for his witty embrace of semantic shifts that result from imaginative plays with materials, objects, and actions. In his work, contradictions in the space between what the artist describes as softness and perversity wage a sarcastic critique on political power structures, from notions of nationalism or the authorities of organized religion to the conceit of the museum and art history. (From the press release)


Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
Through July 25

Hand+Made explores the performative impulse in art and craft. There's so much great work in the show, it's hard to single out just a few highlights. Among them is Sheila Pepe's Common Sense II, the second iteration of a project the artist first conceived in Austin at testsite last summer.

Keep it Slick: Infiltrating Capitalism with The Yes Men


Political, culture-jamming artists The Yes Men create spoof websites and newspapers, stage productive interventions and appear in conferences and TV shows to highlight how corporations and government organizations often act in dehumanizing ways toward the public. Keep it Slick: Infiltrating Capitalism with The Yes Men exhibits The Yes Men's practice through five fantastical scenes of elaborate costumes fabricated for their bold interventions, slapstick videos and PowerPoint presentations at business conferences, outrageous posters and props, scripts, sketches, research materials and selected ephemera from their personal collections.

Emilie Halpern & Eric Zimmerman

Art Palace
Through June 19

See Wendy Vogel's review in Issue #148.

San Antonio on View

On the Road

Through September 5

On the Road, curated by Jens Hoffmann, takes its title from the legendary book by American poet and novelist Jack Kerouac, who recounts his eventful road trips across the United States in the late 1940s. The exhibition investigates the mythology of the American motoring adventure, particularly in the West of the country. Featuring two interrelated components, the first part of the exhibition presents the practices of artists whose images and works have long been associated with the exploration of the West by way of the automobile. The second part is the result of a recent two-week excursion through Texas by the curator, during which a number of artifacts and documents were collected for display. Beyond looking at the road trip from a nostalgic point of view, On the Road explores the idea of such a drive as a rite of passage, a journey toward emancipation on the way to a destination that may be largely unknown but which holds the promise of liberating self-discovery.

This is All Real

Unit B Gallery
Through July 2

Joey Fauerso, Leslee Fraser and Gyan Shrosbree, inspired by the subjectivities and proclivities of the others, bring together their work in a maximalist installation that obfuscates authorship, and decentralizes the art object. This construction is a collection of collections! Art objects are interspersed with other items that any of the artists may covet, collect, or consume. Art is artifice, but this is all real.

Robert Moskowitz

Lawrence Markey
Through July 2

Robert Moskowitz opens his fifth solo show at Lawrence Markey, presenting Works on Paper. Moskowitz’s work explores his signature reductive style; high contrast silhouettes, repeated in differently scaled versions, linking the past and present. Moskowitz maintains his position at the juncture of representation and abstraction, infusing his chosenimagery with perhaps ambiguous, but decidedly emotive content.

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