Austin Openings

15th Annual Young Latino Artists: Consensus of Taste

Opening Reception: Friday, July 16, 7-9pm

Mexic-Arte Museum, the Official Mexican and Mexican American Fine Art Museum of Texas, presents the 15th Annual Young Latino Artists (YLA) Exhibition: Consensus of Taste. Curated by Claudia Zapata, M.A. in Art History from the University of Texas at Austin, this exhibition features the current visual artwork of artists from the past fourteen YLA exhibitions. American art critic Clement Greenberg's paper “Can Taste Be Objective” suggests there is a “consensus of taste” in which disputed taste eventually is agreed upon by all parties. The curator utilizes this concept to showcase past YLA artists' current work and their development into professional visual artists.

Cordy Ryman

Lora Reynolds Gallery
Opening Reception July 17, 6 - 8pm

Rooted loosely in minimalism and abstraction, Cordy Ryman's paintings and sculptures address elements of architecture with rich texture and a unique color palette. His intuitive and spontaneous process is propelled and determined primarily by the characteristics of his media. Manipulating materials such as wood, metal, Velcro, Gorilla Glue, staples and scraps from his studio floor, Ryman's assemblages convey his hand in physical and humorous ways.

Sam Sanford

Sofa Gallery
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 17, 6-9pm
Sam Sanford’s recent paintings and videos are just as much about outer space—celestial bodies, the desolate surface of the moon, the Apollo space landing—as they are about inner space—the human yearning for grand revelations, the psychology of the spacefarer, and the view of Earth as a tiny and fragile world. Central to Sanford’s exhibition is the tension between material phenomenon and cosmic mysticism—the human search for the spiritual unknown within a scientific world-view.


Domy Books
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 7, 7-9pm @ Domy Books

Organized by Andy Coolquitt, Domy Books and Okay Mountain team up to throw together a potluck of artists. 88 features: Jamie Panzer, Jill Thrasher, Kal Spelletich, Nic Maffei, Regina Vater, Sheelah Murthy, Steve Jones, Teresa Hubbard, Theresa Houston, Lance Letscher, Bob Anderson, Bogdan Perzynski, Carollee Schneemann, Elisa Jimenez, Luke Savisky, Peter Glassford, Sawad Brooks, Julia Maffei, and the list goes on. Check it.

Austin on View

Faith Gay and Raymond Uhlir

d berman gallery
Through August 21

d berman gallery is pleased to present two Austin artists with a unique sense of color, design, and narrative. Faith Gay applies her signature treatment of vivid colors, repetitive shapes, and sense of whimsical delight to an exploration of reclaiming and reconfiguring found materials from daily life as well as from her own previous work. Raymond Uhlir creates personal mythological vignettes which combine the bold visual aesthetics of vibrantly colored cartoon worlds and the compositional elements of traditional allegorical painting. Artist talk July 24th @ 1pm.

Cody Ledvina

Okay Mountain

Causes from small and big events are worth looking at. When looked at long enough it becomes increasing clear that it happened because it had to. Not like in a Calvinist way but just in the way that things are just supposed to happen. In this particular case a lumber yard is created as an embryonic form evolving into a WNBA team by means of profit margins. After branding the WNBA team GOD multiple other causal episodes occur.

Michael Merck

Big Medium
Through July 24

Please join Big Medium for Michael Mercks, Too Many Unique Users of the Sun. This exhibition is comprised of new and recent large-format works on canvas which focus on the cerebral and experiential aspects of painting while ignoring or drawing comparison to the medium's formal concerns.

Ron Regé, Jr.

Domy Books
Through July 29

The Cartoon Utopia began in early 2008 as a series of 60 small drawings focused on ideas relating to a futuristic “utopian” world. After attending Alchemical lectures in Los Angeles, the project was expanded to include larger drawings, and longer comics pieces relating to aspects of the the present “consciousness” movement, as well as taking inspiration from older esoteric traditions.

Carole McIntosh Sikes

AMOA at Laguna Gloria
Through August 23

Carole McIntosh Sikes's recent paintings are lucid, rhythmic abstractions of nature that capture such moments as the vertigo of looking upward through an arbor at a crystal blue winter sky or the minutia of a simple pile of sticks. McIntosh Sikes was the first woman to earn a MFA in painting and printmaking at the University of Texas at Austin and has been an integral part of the Laguna Gloria Museum since its inception.

Chris Jordan

Austin Museum of Art
Through August 15

In Running the Numbers, Chris Jordan takes statistics that are too big for the mind to grasp and makes them shockingly beautiful for the eye to behold: 2 million plastic bottles used every five minutes… 380,000 kilowatt hours of electricity wasted every minute. By fusing image and information into epic photographs, he asks us to consider our roles as global citizens.

Sunyong Chung

Austin Museum of Art
Through August 15

AMOA's New Works presents Sunyong Chung. Known for her functional ceramics, Chung pushes into new territory with two monumental sculptures. A nine-foot circular solid covered in porcelain tiles and a suspended pendulum of steel and paper explore the cosmic, the earthly, and the everyday human experience.

Dallas Openings

Billy Zinser

Public Trust
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 17, 6-9pm

Billy Zinser's work is defined by a cartoonish approach to non-objective abstract painting intended to address color, line, and shape as the subject matter of the work, through simple gestures and automatic mark making. This exhibition will feature new paintings as well as the latest series of MACRODONS which are available in very limited quantity.

Dallas on View


Dallas Contemporary
Through August 8

Curated by Regine Basha, Seedlings brings together nine emerging artists to the newly-renovated cavernous space of the Dallas Contemporary. Each artist investigates ways nature or natural systems have informed human industry and the evidence of a hybrid process of productivity. Through a reconsideration of methodologies of artmaking, the works focus on the possibility of collaborations with nature, degrees of interconnectivity, mimesis and its discontents, and entropy as an ecstatic state.

Susan Barnett, Ellen Berman, and Kia Neill

Conduit Gallery
Through July 24

Conduit Gallery opens three new exhibitions featuring Susan Barnett, Games and Icons, Ellen Berman, Every Day, and Kia Neill in the space's Project Room.

The Non-Profit Margin

Through July 24

In an effort to challenge the traditional avenues of the exhibition and consumption of art and the art experience, The Non-Profit Margin presents work that confronts the current global economic crisis. Drawing from current residents at CentralTrak and the local community of artists, The Non-Profit Margin includes Richie Budd, Shelby Cunningham, Gary Farrelly, give up, Professor Riccio and Doctor Dufour, Marjorie Schwarz, and Ludwig Schwarz.

Fort Worth on View

Wish You Were Here

Fort Worth Contemporary Arts
Through August 2

Wish You Were Here features photographs, installations, and sculptural objects that contend with diverse notions of distance, such as temporal distance and nostalgia, emotional and physical distance, relational distance and long-distance collaboration.

Houston on View

Seth Alverson

Art Palace
Through August 21

Using memory and haunting imagery as catalysts for his self-reflexive paintings, Seth Alverson distills the most essential elements until they are heightened to a level of transformation. This transformation occurs through the act of painting by placing intention on the images, and in turn helps us find rationality in futility to apply meaning in our everyday.

Gerard Baldwin

Domy Books, Houston
Through August 5

In sixty years as an animator Gerard Baldwin has made over 600,000 drawings. Although most of the drawings have disappeared, evidence of Baldwin's art can be seen on television every day. Hundreds of animated films have been shaped by his hand, including (but not limited to) The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, The Smurfs, Yogi Bear, Mr. Magoo and The Flintstones. He is the recipient of numerous awards including eight Emmy nominations and three Emmys.

Maurizio Cattelan

The Menil Collection
Through August 15

Contemporary Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan is known for his witty embrace of semantic shifts that result from imaginative plays with materials, objects, and actions. In his work, contradictions in the space between what the artist describes as softness and perversity wage a sarcastic critique on political power structures, from notions of nationalism or the authorities of organized religion to the conceit of the museum and art history.


Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
Through July 25

Hand+Made explores the performative impulse in art and craft. There's so much great work in the show, it's hard to single out just a few highlights. Among them is Sheila Pepe's Common Sense II, the second iteration of a project the artist first conceived in Austin at testsite last summer.

Andrea Dezsö

Rice Gallery
Through August 8

For her installation Sometimes in My Dreams I Fly, Andrea Dezsö will expand upon a technique she uses to make her distinctive “tunnel books.” Small, handmade books that reveal three-dimensional scenes, tunnel books are created from layers of paper that are individually drawn, cut out, and painted.

San Antonio Openings


David Shelton Gallery

A group exhibition including work by Judith Cottrell, Jonathan Faber, Sara Frantz, Dan Sutherland and Vincent Valdez.

San Antonio on View

On the Road

Through September 5

On the Road takes its title from the legendary book by American poet and novelist Jack Kerouac, who recounts his eventful road trips across the United States in the late 1940s. The exhibition investigates the mythology of the American motoring adventure as it began to develop in the early 1920s, with the advent of immense expansions of the highway system, particularly in the West of the country. On the Road also features an impressive and historical selection of artists including, Robert Adams, Ant Farm, John Baldessari, Walker Evans, Robbert Flick, Mary Heilmann, Roger Kuntz, Danny Lyon, Catherine Opie, Allen Ruppersberg, Ed Ruscha, Stephen Shore, Alexis Smith, Kon Trubkovich, Andy Warhol.

Ryder Richards

Cactus Bra SPACE
Through July 28

Cactus bra SPACE, in the Blue Star Art Complex, presents Trajectory by Ryder Richards. Richards new drawings, installations, and sculptures are derived from the ballistic trajectory of a .243 Winchester rifle. The works explore the physical and metaphorical quandary of a trajectory as a quantified destiny, attempting to alter the predetermined path. The exhibition features drawings and installation with a large antelope head created using gold leaf and gunpowder.

Texas Exhibitions

Felix-Gonzales Torres

Through December 31

In celebration of its 15th anniversary, Artpace presents the first-ever U.S. survey of 95.1 Artpace alum Felix Gonzalez-Torres' billboards in a yearlong, state-wide exhibition of 13 seminal works sited in Dallas, El Paso, Houston, and San Antonio. Major underwriting for this special exhibition is provided by the Linda Pace Foundation, with generous in-kind support from Clear Channel Outdoor.

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