Austin Openings

Tony Feher

Opening Wednesday, October 27

For his Arthouse commission, New York-based artist Tony Feher has activated and transformed a typically overlooked architectural space - the void between the ceiling and supports - through a carefully considered deployment of everyday objects.

Jason Middlebrook

Opening Wednesday, October 27

For his Arthouse commission, New York-based artist Jason Middlebrook transforms detritus from the building’s renovation into sculpture, dining furniture, and other functional objects, all of which combine to evoke the history of the Jones Center and its longstanding importance as a gathering place for the Austin community.

Mequitta Ahuja

Opening Wednesday, October 27

Also on view at Arthouse, Automythography II (2010). Enamel and glitter on paper. Located on the first floor gallery.

Cyprien Gaillard

Opening Wednesday, October 27

Continuing the Paris and Berlin-based artist’s longstanding exploration of the built environment, this non-narrative film focuses on Cancún’s anachronistic and decaying landscape as a symbolic site of memory and loss.

Ryan Hennessee

Opening Wednesday, October 27

Commissioned specifically for Arthouse’s second floor video projection screen, Austin-based artist Ryan Hennessee has created a looping video animation that cleverly reimagines and collapses the past, present, and future of 700 Congress Avenue.

James Sham

Opening Wednesday, October 27

Close Caption, a witty video that addresses issues of language, translation, and mistranslation via DJ Kool’s song “Let Me Clear My Throat,” inaugurates Lift Project, a series of short video works shown in Arthouse’s new passenger elevator. Part of LIFT Projects, located in the elevator. 

Sonya Berg

Champion Contemporary
Opening Thursday October 21, 7-10 PM

Sonya Berg's epic large-scale graphite and charcoal drawings and miature oil paintings depict swimming pools devoid of water alongside a maelstrom of gushing waterfalls. In addition, Video Program 002: New Yorker Rashaad Newsome's Shade Compositions

Losing Faith

Visual Arts Center (Center Space Project)
Opening Recption: Friday, October 29, 6-9pm

An exhibition of recent work by TJ Hunt and Landon O’Brien that examines what it means to self-identify as an artist in the current pluralistic artistic climate, questioning notions of originality and cultural value in a social economy that has largely lost confidence in the power of art as a vehicle to promote a message or enact change.

John Kingerlee

Visual Arts Center (The Arcade Gallery)
Opening: October 29

The Visual Arts Center is proud to present a solo exhibition of abstract, narrative and figurative paintings and mixed-media works by Anglo-Irish painter John Kingerlee, curated by UT alumnus William Zimmer. This survey of Kingerlee’s work includes paintings the artist executed after moving to the remote Beara Peninsula in southwest Ireland in the early 1980s.

Amanda Ross-Ho

Visual Arts Center (Vaulted Gallery)
Opening Reception: Friday, January 28, 2011, 6–9 pm

During the course of this evolving on-site work, Amanda Ross-Ho will invite viewers to become participants in an ongoing examination of the boundaries of the white cube, the direct and indirect products of creative expression, and the connectivity of the visual world. Her site-specific installation will transform the Vaulted Gallery into an active worksite dedicated to producing three basic elements: blank stretched canvases, simple hand-built ceramic vessels, and handmade paper. Ross-Ho collapses the life cycle of the creative process through the performative act of embedding the gallery with the energy of production. The three manifestations of the ‘empty’ space produced—canvas, vessel, page—will create an environment that both formalizes the ability for massive potential and serves as witness to mass activity.


Visual Arts Center (East and Mezzanine Galleries)
Opening Reception: Friday, November 5, 6–9 pm

The VAC presents Combined: Department of Art and Art History Faculty Exhibition, featuring recent work by faculty artists in Studio Art, Art Education and Design from the Department of Art and Art History at The University of Texas at Austin. The exhibition will span both the East and Mezzanine Galleries to showcase a large number of works over a diverse range of themes and media that offer a rich survey of recent activity by the Department’s faculty artists.

Malcolm Bucknall

d berman gallery
Opening Reception: Friday, October 15, 6-8pm

Malcolm Bucknall’s exquisitly rendered, whimsical paintings and drawings explore themes of magic and transformation. This exhibition presents new works depicting the curious animal-human creatures that he is known for, in addition to showcasing a new direction working with pop culture icons.

2010 East Austin Studio Tour

Big Medium
Saturday, November 13 - Sunday, November 21, 11am-6pm

For nine days in November, artist studios, art galleries and theaters all over east Austin will open up their doors to the public for East Austin Studio Tour 9. E.A.S.T. is a celebration of east Austin’s art scene and a chance for the community to get a behind-the-scenes look at working artists’ spaces and processes. Visitors can purchase art, learn more about an artist’s specific tools and techniques, watch a demonstration or simply talk with an artist about his or her work. NOT to be missed!

Monster Show Five

Domy Books
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 30, 7-9pm

Come celebrate some spooky in style with Domy's Monster Show Five. Here you can find a list of all the featuring artists.

Austin on View

Virginia Yount

Women and Their Work
Through November 12

Austin based artist Virginia Yount presents paintings, collages, and sculptures that depict a near-future society of hoarders, shut-ins and escapists. The inhabitants of this world are ominously not present, or fearfully shutting out the toxic emptiness of their environment and hunkering down with their belongings for the coming storm.

Ry Rocklen

Visual Arts Center
Through December 18

Ry Rocklen’s installation of sculptures seeks to venerate the everyday materials and objects of the urban landscape, transporting an investigation of discarded domestic detritus into a constructed space of exaltation within the Vaulted Gallery. The marriage of traditional arts materials, such as highly polished tile and a patchwork floor quilt constructed from locally discarded pieces of used carpet, display his innate interest in geometry and the domestic space. The grouping of sculptures reflects Rocklen’s artistic processing of found components of the city, incorporating elements of Thai Buddhism and mystic rituals to explore our contemporary connection to commonplace objects.

New Works: Okay Mountain

Austin Museum of Art
Through November 14

Check out Dan Boehl's review on the show.

Conrad Bakker

Lora Reynolds Gallery
Through November 6

The carved and painted sculptures generated for this exhibition are meditations on work and leisure-each piece engaging both real and imagined economies. A large, one to one scaled portable roadside sign, like those advertising a sale, instructs the viewer to "RELAX AND TAKE YOUR TIME," nodding to textual strategies of artists like Bruce Nauman and John Baldessari. In the gallery, Bakker juxtaposes the flat shapes of this sign with an intricately carved and painted tomato plant-demonstrating a more delicate application of his sculptural practice. These sculptures are at once contemplative objects and hand made commodities that attempt to reveal how the production of things and the spending of time can engage the critical complications of advanced capitalism.

Ian O'Brien

Big Medium
Through November 5

Please join Big Medium for At Odds with My Principles, an anthropological and archeological peek into the history of Grip River, a town founded, developed and solely-run by the artist, Ian O’Brien. Since cultivating this society in 2007, O’Brien has begun to excavate its significant history and founder, while comparing Grip River to some of the remarkable civilizations of ancient times. The viewer is invited to discover the artist’s findings, such as a giant pencil catapult, pencil spears and straw spit shooters, which expose the town’s battle-weary past, compelling leader and the society’s effect on world history.

Austin Closings

Deconstruct + Reconstruction

Visual Arts Center (Mezzanine Gallery)
Through October 23

Deconstruct + Reconstruction features eight artists that challenge structure, conventions, and the idea of a totality. The works examine the decomposition of social conventions, domestic structures and art materials in physical and conceptual ways, and explore the act of dismantling as a path to reveal or expose new meanings through comparisons.

Interrupted Landscapes

Champion Contemporary
Through October 16

Champion's debut exhibition Interrupted Landscapes looks at depictions of wilderness versus man-made structures and explores tensions of perspective put forth through new paintings, drawings, photographs, and installation by twenty two local and international artists.

Morgan Jones

SOFA Gallery
Through October 22

In Morgan Jones' series of digital video and animated vignettes, Breaking Plains explores the fundamentals of image making and image reading—representation, perspective, and the corporeality of digital rendering. The revelation of the picture occurs through manipulation or, very often, the digital destruction of the picture. The morph and the drag. In this way, Jones uses the media to disclose the media—compression hacking, layering of pictures, and the inversion of landscapes. A meditation of pixelation.

Magali Lara

Through October 23

Hazy caresses of graphite on paper. Quiver of curved lines so meandering in animation and music as to interlace. In Glaciers, multimedia artist Magali Lara conveys sensorial excess as akin to her encounters with the colossal frozen mass found in Patagonia. Travel log of an experience, this work commands a voyage — drawings in blue and indigo to the sight and sound of ice collapsing. Insofar as drawings can trace an emotion, so too can music make metaphor of time’s reverberation: blue diamonds in crystalline water.

Anthony W. Garza

Closing Reception: Friday, October 15, 7-11pm

A showcase of graphite and paper, Anthony Garza presents a series of new drawings. Simple and sublime, he beautifully renders objects of prehistoric nature. Presented by MASS Gallery and Co-Lab.

San Antonio on View

Matthew Ronay

Through January 2

Matthew Ronay's art occupies a space where illustration, tableau, sculpture, and installation all intersect in harmonious indifference to one another. Since 2004, his arrangements of discreet, colorful, mutated objects have evoked wild manifestations of surrealist imagination and hallucinogenic visions, with distended narratives designed to provoke or even outrage viewers through their irreconcilable compositions and outrageous imagery, such as drooping anuses skewered on a pole. Indeed, like Dada and Surrealist artists earlier in the 20th century and American Funk musicians of the 1970s, whose work employed metanarrative, metaphor, provocation, and fantasy as devices for addressing human behavior in times of social upheaval, Ronay's work has been a manifesto of the spirit, screaming back at us with pieces that suggest that fear, pain, and violence have replaced pleasure in a society increasingly indifferent to war and terrorism.

This Is Not A Photo Show

Blue Star Contemporary Arts Center
Through November 6

Paying homage to Rene Magritte, This Is Not A Photo Show explores the tension between the photographer and the photographed, between the picture and its viewer, between the art and the artist-and like Magritte's work-it requires a rethinking of what art is, does, and means. This exhibition will showcase artists whose works investigate, and go around the traditional concepts of photography by pushing the boundaries of what is real and what is real-like. Seven artists working in photography, video, painting, and sculpture will be featured between both venues.

San Antonio Closings

Christopher McNulty

Blue Star Contemporary Arts Center
Through October 30

"My recent work explores the problem of knowledge and the limitations of Reason as a means of understanding both the internal and external world. In particular, I am interested in the mundane ideals that we encounter in our day-to-day lives, and how they structure our understanding of our physical, intellectual, and emotional worlds."

Houston Openings

Astroworld 1968

Optical Project
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 30, 5-7pm

Exactly five years ago, On October 30, 2005, Astroworld closed its gates for the last time; yet the Alpine Sleigh Ride, Le Taxi, Spinout, the Astrowheel, Astroneedle and the Lost World Adventure live on for the 50,000 Houstonians who visited the park on its opening weekend and the millions who followed them. Optical Project is commemorating this Houston landmark by presenting the park's original model, built in 1967 by Ed Henderson Productions. The model represents "The Wonderful World of Fun" as originally planned, with the attractions and rides in place for the grand opening of the park in June 1968. The model is based on the park layout designed by seminal theme park architect Randall Duell for Judge Roy Hofheinz, flamboyant developer of the Astrodomain. Henderson's model was used to help visualize the park's landscape during construction, and was then unveiled to the press in September of 1967 at Foley's Department Store. After the park's opening, the model resided in Hofheinz's private model room on the Astrodome's 9th level. When Astroworld was being dismantled in 2006, the model was found in a warehouse, sawn into six irregular pieces and covered in dirt. A friend alerted Henderson, and the model was returned to him. For this exhibition, Optical Project has dusted and re-assembled the model; we are looking for a buyer who has the resources to preserve and restore this bit of Houston history.

James Drake

Station Museum
Saturday, October 16, 2010, from 7-10 pm

James Drake’s videos, drawings, sculptures, poetry, and installations reflect his understanding of Man’s place in nature and the presumptions and the psychological struggle that often result in tragedy. In his works of art, James Drake’s personal journey across the harsh desert of self-reflection reveals the starkness of the political and social unrest afflicting Man.

Kirsten Pieroth

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
Through January 2

Berlin-based artist Kirsten Pieroth plays with the materials and histories of everyday objects—books, maps, bottles, maps, and furniture parts. Looking for loose connections and unexpected possibilities in and between commonplace things, she uncovers new opportunities for transformation and communication.

Homage: Roy Fridge, Jim Love, David McManaway

Moody Gallery
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 23, 6-8pm

A show honoring a few of the most influential figures in Texas contemporary art and beyond.

Dallas Openings

Tom Orr

Marty Walker Gallery
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 16, 6-8 pm

Marty Walker Gallery presents new sculptural constructions by gallery artist Tom Orr. Using industrial materials such as wood, metal, mirrors, and greenhouse glazing, Orr experiments with visual trickery of pattern, line, texture, and form as influenced by Conceptualism and Op Art movements. With strict deliberation and simplicity in assembly, Orr's installations evoke transcendent qualities of shadow and light, often employing subtle moiré effect of shifting lines and reflections.

Garland Fielder

Holly Johnson Gallery
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 16, 6-8pm

Garland Fielder’s work is meticulously crafted invoking a minimalist tradition. Keeping the palette to a minimum of elements and colors, his methodology is elegant and refined. His art explores mathematical and geometric principles and is primarily concerned with the optical decision making process. The extraction of line and the flattening out of structural elements are ways in which he plays with the phenomenology of formal expectation. The exhibition, Modulations, is inspired by this formal play between both two and three dimensionality.

Jules Buck Jones, W. Tucker, and Christopher Blay

Conduit Gallery
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 16, 6-8pm

Conduit Gallery exhibits work from three Texas artists. For Jules Buck Jones’ second one-person exhibition at Conduit Gallery, the Austin artist draws inspiration for the drawings and sculpture directly from his 2009 residency in Everglades National Park in Florida’s southern swamp region. Austin based artist W. Tucker’s drawings tell two stories; one is of the materials he works on, found materials such as book covers, slatted wood blinds, drawer fronts and wood and the idiosyncratic cast of characters he draws on these materials. Part site-specific sculptural installation, part performance and part relational art, Fort Worth artist Christopher Blay will present, Time Machine Beta, rare opportunity for gallery visitors to travel through time into the past, present or future.

Dallas on View

Vernon Fischer

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Through January 2, 2011

Vernon Fisher: K-Mart Conceptualism is a survey of the artist’s entire career to date, incorporating paintings, sculptures, and installations from the late 1970s to the present, from both public and private collections in the United States and Europe.

Dallas Closings

Trenton Doyle Hancock

Dunn and Brown Contemporary
Through October 23

The Trenton Doyle Hancock's Work While It Is Day For When Night Cometh No Man Can Work will include recent works on paper, paintings, sculpture, and site-specific installations. For this exhibition, Hancock will create installations in both gallery exhibition spaces - the Project Gallery and the Main Gallery. Following the close of the exhibition on October 23, 2010, the works from the show with Dunn and Brown Contemporary will be included in a one-person museum exhibition for Hancock organized by the USF Contemporary Art Museum.

Marfa on View


Ballroom Marfa
Through February 20, 2011

Ballroom Marfa is pleased to announce the opening of Immaterial, an exhibition that will focus on the physical and psychic tensions between form, color, and space across varied visual and structural mediums. Curated by Executive Director Fairfax Dorn, the exhibition seeks to examine the metaphysical aspects of artistic production through a selection of artworks that challenge the use of material and space, formalism and abstraction. By using the exhibition as a forum to contemplate process-driven practices, Immaterial will consider art's potential to transcend conscious states through a plurality of visual languages

New York on View

William Lamson

The Boiler
Through November 14

For this project, William Lamson followed the trajectory of the sun while focusing it's beam through a lens into a 1600-degree point of light, thus, creating a drawing in the dessert, formed by the melted black glassy substance from the dry dessert mud. This new work continues the investigation of using natures forces in the act of mark-making that begun with Automatic, exhibited at Marty Walker Gallery in Dallas, a project where Lamson harnessed the wind and ocean to power makeshift drawing machines.

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