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Beer Here! Get Your Beer Here! May 4, 2012


Austin Openings

The 2012 Drawing Annual

Tiny Park
Opening Reception May 4, 7:00 - 11:00PM

The 2012 Tiny Park Drawing Annual is a group exhibition focused on drawings and the concept of drawing, in the widest terms. The show includes 3-D work that incorporates drawing; drawings made by drilling holes in paper and drywall; and photographs of line drawings made with string. As the name indicates, we hope to have a similar show once a year.

Texas Prize

Opening May 5

The Texas Prize celebrates talented Texas-based artists who have made significant, innovative contributions to the state’s contemporary art scene. Eligible artists must have resided in Texas for the past three years and not had a solo show at a major museum. An internationally-respected jury selects three finalists for each Texas Prize exhibition, which involves publication of a full-color catalogue and the chance to win the $30,000 AMOA-Arthouse Texas Prize, the largest regional visual arts award for emerging artists in the country. In the fall of 2010, AMOA-Arthouse announced the three finalists for the 2012 edition of Texas Prize: Jamal Cyrus (Houston), Will Henry (Houston), and Jeff Williams (Austin)

Jeana Baumgardner and Maggie Kleinpeter

Gallery Black Lagoon
Opening Reception May 4, 7:00 - 11:00PM

Jeana Baumgardner and Maggie Kleinpeter met and became friends in New York City in 1998. Both found themselves approaching painting in a similar way, using formal abstraction as a foundation to explore the absurd, the whimsical, and patterning in landscapes. After graduating and losing touch for a few years, Maggie and Jeana both coincidentally moved to Austin in 2010. Serious Whimsy features recent paintings by the artists.

Ana Fernandez

Women and Their Work
Opening Reception May 10, 6:00PM

Ana Fernandez re-contextualizes her San Antonio neighborhood, weaving elements of romanticism and the paranormal into large scale paintings. Each mysterious home portrait is strewn with clues that decorate each home’s exterior.

No Dough Art Show

Opening Recption May 12, starting at 8:00PM

Starving Artists unite! Come celebrate downtown with a fête for the ages to support Austin's amazing art community. Featuring local artwork, live music from The Nouns and Chalk, poetry, dancing, horseback riding, homebrew and full bar for 21+. Everything is by donation.

The Human Touch: Selections from the RBC Wealth Management Art Collection

Blanton Museum of Art
Opening June 10

RBC Wealth Management, headquartered in Minneapolis with local offices in Austin as well as many other U.S. and international cities, began collecting contemporary art in the early 1990s as a way to distinguish itself from other financial management firms. Committed to representing the diversity of the communities where they do business, they focused on the human figure in all its variety.

Austin on View

This Is It With It As It Is

Lora Reynolds Gallery
Through June 16

Lora Reynolds Gallery is pleased to announce the group exhibition This Is It With It As It Is. We are excited to be exhibiting new work by four Los Angeles-based artists: Math Bass, Eve Fowler, Dashiell Manley, and Barry MacGregor Johnston. In addition, Bass, Manley and Johnston will give performances in conjunction with the Fusebox Festival.

Austin Closings

Medium Small at Big Medium

Big Medium
Through May 4

A group show including work in all media. Also check out Tim Harding in the Project Space.

ART from the Ashes

Starr Building
Through May 5

In September 2011, the most destructive wildfire in Texas history raged through Bastrop County, TX. The Bastrop County Complex Fire destroyed 1,667 homes, burned 33,033 acres, and claimed two lives. This blaze devastated the region's signature Loblolly pine population and further compromised the habitat of the endangered Houston Toad. ART from the ashes takes its mission to Texas to support the Lost Pines Recovery Team's restoration efforts for the Lost Pines Region of Bastrop County, TX. The exhibition will showcase over 70 works of art donated by Texas based artists and ART from the ashes.

Conrad Bakker

Lora Reynolds Gallery
Through May 5

Lora Reynolds Gallery is pleased to present Untitled Project: RECORD SHOP [45s], Conrad Bakker’s newest body of work. Bakker will turn our project room into an ersatz record store by displaying more than 30 LP covers—all shaped from wood and painted with oils.


1100 E 5th Street (former TOPS warehouse)
Through May 12

FILES, DESKS, CHAIRS takes TOPS, a former office supply warehouse, as its organizing principle. Brought to you by SOFA Gallery in conjunction with the Fusebox Festival and the Austin Art Alliance.

Max Warsh & Vanesa Zendejas

SOFA Gallery
Through May 12

This exhibition pairs the photographs and collages of New York artist Max Warsh with the sculptures of LA artist Vanesa Zendejas to investigate abstraction and built spaces. Creating compositions from pictures of bricks, tiles or cast ornamentation found on building facades, Warsh’s works utilize the repetitive visual language of mechanized processes to create optically charged images.

Mixed Feelings: 2012 MFA Studio Art Exhibition

Visual Arts Center
Through May 12

The phrase “mixed feelings” is often used to describe an emotional response that is confusing or unclear. It refers to a state of ambivalence, in which one experiences simultaneous conflicting feelings toward a person or thing. It is in this murky territory that a struggle to understand something takes place—an effort to consider multiple aspects of one’s relationship to a subject in a way that is balanced and true.

Julia Oschatz

Arthouse at the Jones Center
Through May 17

Julia Oschatz’s video Venus explores the odyssey undertaken by a lone figure in the process of an infinite, Sisyphean journey. A strange hybrid creature, the “Wesen,” serves as an alternate identity for the artist and a manifestation of the futility of some tasks. Without eyes, the gray wolf/man travels through a cosmic void filled with a single planet from and to which it jumps. While on an infinite and circular loop, the creature displays common human expressions of confusion and humility.

Okay Mountain

Okay Mountain
Through May 19

The Okay Mountain Collective is proud to present Leif Low-beer.

Art on the Green

Through May 20

Art on the Green encourages visitors to explore the unique setting of Laguna Gloria with its 12 acres of grounds on Lake Austin, and outdoor sculptures which are part of AMOA-Arthouse’s permanent collection. For the exhibition, nine Texas artists and designers will create minature golf holes that respond to the site and encourage a diverse audience to go outside and play. A bonus tenth hole will be located on the rooftop of the Jones Center, linking this exhibition to both museum locations.

San Antonio Openings

Cathy Cunningham-Little

Sala Diaz
Opening Reception: Friday, May 4 7 - 11pm

Cathy Cunningham-Little continues her exploration of light. You are invited to recall her 2011 Blue Star Contemporary Art Space project, Breathing Light, and come by for further reflection. Or if you missed that show, please step out of the shadows and give us a visit. See you soon!

New Works Now

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 10, 6-8:30pm

New Works Now in our Hudson (Show)Room features five former International Artists-in-Residence from Texas: Alex de Leon (1996), Katrina Moorhead (2005), Katie Pell (2006), Juan Miguel Ramos (2002), and Lordy Rodriguez (2001). These Artpace Alumni will present recent work inspired by the importance of place and its relationship to nostalgia, identity, and our evolving sense of community.

San Antonio on View

Issac Julien

Linda Pace Foundation
Through June 30

TEN THOUSAND WAVES was filmed on location in China and poetically weaves together stories linking China’s ancient past and present. The work explores the movement of people across countries and continents and meditates on unfinished journeys. Conceived and created over four years, Julien collaborated with some of China’s leading artistic voices.

Adam Schrieber

Linda Pace Foundation
Through December 15

The Linda Pace Foundation presents an exhibition of new photographs, Flanagan - Tiravanija, by Chicago-based artist Adam Schreiber. Using collections, warehouses, and archives as his subject matter, Schreiber’s work examines the effects of time, history, and physical context on our civilization’s evolving understanding of particular objects.

Houston on View


Lawndale Art Center
Through June 16

The Lawndale Artist Studio Program Exhibition featuring Seth Mittag, David Politzer & Anne J. Regan

Jack Ericksson

Lawndale Art Center
Through June 16

Isometric Solutions to Contemporary Economic Dilemmas will be a full scale installation populated with 2D and 3D representations of economic data. It will show how vulnerable graphics are to unwelcome interpretation based on misguided geometry, Masonic lore and common sense.

Travis McCarra & Michael Gonzales

Lawndale Art Center
Through June 16

#everyoneisanartist uses Twitter to create an installation allowing the audience to simultaneously act as generator and spectator to this constantly changing piece. Online and physical visitors will be encouraged to "tweet" works in various media formats via hyperlink containing the Twitter hash-tag #everyoneisanartist within Twitter's 140 character limit. The received message will be processed, stored, and linked via a custom coded application.

Leslie Mutchler

Lawndale Art Center
Through June 16

TrendFACTORY is a community-driven, multi-participatory installation. Artist, Leslie Mutchler, will be exploring issues related to hand(craft), the physicality of labor, and the repetition of memes in the virtual world through hand-manufactured objects.

Dallas/Ft. Worth Openings

Ernesto Neto

Nasher Sculpture Center
Opening May 12

The Nasher Sculpture Center has invited internationally-renowned Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto to create a new work for one of the large, Renzo Piano-designed galleries at the Nasher Sculpture Center.

Heyd Fontenot Margaret Meehan, and Stephen Knapp

Conduit Gallery
Opening Reception: May 12, 6-8pm

For his second solo exhibition at Conduit Gallery, Heyd Fontenot will incorporate his trademark figurative portraits into a more complex pastiche of images. With images of Victoriana, pugilism, medical anomalies and barren landscapes, Hystrionics and the Forgotten Arm proposes a choreographed fight outside the circled square. Margaret Meehan’s drawings, photographs and sculpture-based installation lets innocence collide with the monstrous, evoking race, gender, and empathy for otherness. In conjunction with Master Glass 2012, Massachusetts based sculptor Stephen Knapp will install one of his well known Light Paintings in the Conduit Gallery Project Room.

Jackie Tileston

Holly Johnson Gallery
Opening Reception: May 12, 6-8pm

Jackie Tileston continues to bring a global sensibility to her work by drawing from many different cultures. Her cosmopolitan background lends authority to her painterly affirmations of the medium's innate capacity to absorb, transform and interpret the global nature of contemporary society.

Dallas/Ft. Worth on View

Erick Swenson

Nasher Sculpture Center
Through July 8

Rendered with a naturalist’s sensitivity and incredible precision, the works often present fantastic vignettes of animals ensnared in strange, sometimes devastating circumstances, or quietly poetic scenes that evoke the beauty and tragedy of nature, as well as our own human condition. Often shocking in their realism and precise details, the works take months, sometimes years, for the artist to fabricate, making new work by Swenson incredibly rare. For Sightings, Swenson is creating an installation of new work for the Lower Level Gallery, a space which the artist can tightly control to create the appropriate theatrical setting for experiencing his work.

Dallas/Ft. Worth Closings

Wayne White

Marty Walker Gallery
Through May 5

Marty Walker Gallery presents a site specific gallery installation of murals and paintings by award-winning artist Wayne White, known for his signature punchy word combos injected into the “sofa-art” scenery of found thrift store lithographs.

Marfa on View

Data Deluge

Ballroom Marfa
Through July 8

The ongoing dialogue between the digital and physical worlds provides the backdrop for Data Deluge, an exhibition that presents a selection of sculpture, furniture, painting, photography, video, sound and works on paper by artists who shape Web-based and software-generated data into art.

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