Issue #192
The Shoe Fits! June 15, 2012


Texas Exhibitions

Houston Fine Art Fair

Houston Fine Art Fair
September 9 - 16

HFAF ARTWEEK, running from September 9th through the 16th, provides the unique opportunity for art fair attendees not only from Houston but also from out of town to become better acquainted with Houston’s burgeoning art scene. During the week of the fair, various cultural institutions will offer a wide selection of events and exhibitions to make this a citywide event.

Fluent~Collaborative is a proud cultural partner of the Houston Fine Art Fair.

Texas Contemporary

Texas Contemporary
October 18 - 21

Taking place in Houston, The Texas Contemporary art fair features presentations from 60 galleries showcasing contemporary work from the most innovative, progressive and driven artists from around the world.

Fluent~Collaborative is a proud cultural partner of Texas Contemporary.

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