Austin Openings

It's Like a Machine, and It's Meant To Be Repeated

okay mountain
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 3 from 7:00-10:00 pm

It's Like a Machine, and It's Meant To Be Repeated centers around the experimental collaboration of an unlikely creative pair; a furniture/environmental designer with sculptural ambitions and a performance artist with social ambitions. Michael Mellon currently resides in Oakland, CA where he blends the boundaries of furniture and sculpture; his work has been exhibited at the Smithsonian, D.C., The Oakland Art Gallery, Oakland, CA, Transmissions Gallery, Oakland, CA, and at OpenHouse, Manhattan, NY. Jacques Louis Vidal currently resides in New Haven, CT, where he is a M.F.A. Candidate at Yale University; he has shown and performed extensively throughout the U.S and abroad.

Fuse Box Collaborative Project: Double Fantasy

Big Medium Gallery (5305 Bolm Road #12)
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 3 from 7:00-9:00 pm

Conceived and curated by Ron Berry & Jade Walker, the Fuse Box Collaboration Project pairs five Austin-based artists with an artist from a different geography and media. This year's open call yielded artists from New York, Mexico, France, Chicago, and Utah. Each artist team met and created work together during the Fuse Box 2008 festival and the results of their collaborative endeavors will be on view in Double Fantasy. Don't miss the companion show, Double Reality, which includes individual works by each participating artist and is on view at the Salvage Vanguard Theater through May 3.

Austin On View

Poutine Never Sleeps

Gallery Lombardi
On view through May 10, 2008

Gallery Lombardi is pleased to present 9 Canadian artists whose painting and drawing skills have garnered international acclaim and commissions. Curated by Patrick Thompson and Felix Berube, Poutine Never Sleeps is reference to a work ethic and the food. Poutine is cheese curds and gravy on french fries and it can be purchased 24 hours a day in Montreal where these artists live.

Yoon Cho: Nothing Lasts Forever

Women & Their Work
On view through May 10, 2008

Women & Their Work proudly presents Nothing Lasts Forever, a solo multimedia exhibition by Austin-based artist Yoon Cho. Recently named by the Austin Museum of Art as one of Austin’s “20 to Watch,” Cho uses video and digital photography to examine the ways we constantly create and re-create our identities. Utilizing blurring, pattern overlay, image insertion and other digital techniques to manipulate photography and video installations, Cho trains a sly and poignant lens on the ephemeral and ever-shifting nature of the human persona.

Ali Fitzgerald: Swan School: The Matriculation

Art Palace
On view through May 21, 2008

Swan School: The Matriculation is Ali Fitzgerald's second solo exhibition at Art Palace. Fitzgerald's current body of work explores victimization and violence within a forged adolescent caste-system. Through drawing based sculptures, dioramas and site-specific installations Fitzgerald surveys a dystopian boarding school complex, within whose misleading facades, we see residue of girlhood gone awry.

In Katrina's Wake

Workspace Gallery, Blanton Museum of Art
On view through May 25, 2008

How do artists respond to calamity? In New Orleans, many resident artists and a number of those observing from outside have been moved by the need for community relief, healing, and support and have directed their work to address these immediate social and spiritual concerns. This group exhibition —the result of a year's research by curator Annette DiMeo Carlozzi, a former resident of the city — features film and video, drawings, photographs and mixed media works by artists including Willie Birch (New Orleans), Paul Chan (New York), Dawn Dedeaux (New Orleans), Jana Napoli (New Orleans), Cauleen Smith (Boston) and others.

Jim Torok: Life is Good

lora reynolds gallery
On view through June 7, 2008

Lora Reynolds Gallery is pleased to announce their second solo exhibition by Brooklyn based artist Jim Torok. The exhibition includes a series of realist portraits of artists including Mike Smith, Ed Ruscha and Jim Hodges as well as cartoon vignettes.

Atelier 2008: Selections from the Department of Art and Art History Faculty, The University of Texas at Austin

The Blanton
On view through June 8, 2008

Atelier 2008 is the first faculty exhibition being organized by a guest curator, and begins the newly formatted triennial basis in which future faculty shows will now occur. This year, curator James Elaine from the Hammer Museum of Art in Los Angeles has selected works by faculty members, among them some of the country's most respected artists and artistic scholars highlighting trends in contemporary art.

Benito Huerta: Intermezzo

The Mexican American Cultural Center (600 River Street)
On view August 31, 2008

In this exhibition, the artist Benito Huerta uses the intermezzo—a short movement separating the major section of a symphonic work—to confront contemporary issues such as the economy, immigration, and natural disasters, either directly or in a more poetic form. A recipient of the Dallas Center for Contemporary Art’s 2002 Legend of the Year Award, Huerta's work is in several museum and corporate collections through the United Stated and Huerta's work was recently presented in Soundings: Benito Huerta 1992 – 2005 at the Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi and the El Paso Museum.

San Antonio Openings

Oliver Lutz

Thursday, May 8 from 6:30-8:30 pm

The video installations, wall paintings, and performances by New York-based artist Oliver Lutz deal with transcending desires of power, control, and disintegration through a complex deconstruction of the artist’s mental model. His works are an unraveling of personal mythologies, explored and revealed through various conflations of artistic mediums.

David Jurist: I’ll Be There

Sala Diaz
Opening Reception: Friday, May 9 from 7:00-11:00 pm

I’ll Be There speaks to the conversion of memory into artifact and the forecasting of artifact as memorials. As it turns out, the relevant question is the journey and the moment of its conclusion is when one is on the other side of the question mark, removing the first person from the sentence and leaving the collected objects to create an essay of their own. Responding to the notion of the cabinet of curiosities, this exhibition presents a grouping of sculptural objects to mark and classify a past, present and future, creating its own “theatre of memory.”

San Antonio On View

Joseph Phillips: Pardon our Progress

cactus bra SPACE
Opening Reception: Friday, May 2 from 6-9 pm

In Pardon our Progress Austin artist Joseph Phillips examines the landscape, and specifically our impact on nature through recent drawings, sculpture, and installation. Delicate gouache, ink and graphite drawings bring to mind internet product shots, or cartoonish scientific renderings where all but the central sliver of subject has been removed, to be studied or dissected further.

San Antonio Closing

Unfurnished Room

Unit B
Closing Reception: Friday, May 2 from 7:00-10:00 pm

Inspired by the idea of an emptied suburban house functioning as a gallery, Unfurnished Room brings together a group of artworks that mark or inscribe presence.

Houston Openings

The Old, Weird America

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
May 10 - July 20, 2008

The Old, Weird America will be the first museum exhibition to explore the widespread resurgence of folk imagery and history in American contemporary art. Curated by Contemporary Arts Museum Houston senior curator Toby Kamps, the exhibition illustrates the relevance and appeal of folklore to contemporary artists, as well as the genre’s power to illuminate ingrained cultural forces and overlooked histories. The exhibition borrows its inspiration and title—with the author’s blessing—from music and cultural critic Greil Marcus’ 1997 book examining the influence of folk music on Bob Dylan and his seminal album, The Basement Tapes.

Local Artists Showcase

Blaffer Gallery
Opening reception: May 9 at 6pm, on view through August 2, 2008

The Blaffer Gallery, the Art Museum of the University of Houston, is pleased to continue its 35th anniversary season with the 2008 Houston Area Exhibition. The exhibition, selected by Blaffer Gallery curator Claudia Schmuckli, introduces artists who are young or new to the Houston community and offers more seasoned artists the opportunity to develop new work and to be seen in a fresh light.

Stephen Vitiello: Four Color Sound

Opening Reception: Friday, May 9 from 6:00-8:00 pm

Sound pioneer Stephen Vitiello is known for creating powerful, beautiful and immersive installations that transform incidental atmospheric noises into mesmerizing soundscapes. Vitiello’s latest project, Four Color Sound, combines modulated light and audio tracks that morph and shift in subtle ways, transforming the gallery space into a virtual meditation chamber.

Fort Worth On View

Martin Puryear

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
On view through May 18, 2008

See Stephanie Ball-Piwetz's ...might be good recommends in issue #95.

Dallas On View

Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Goss Michael Foundation
On view through September 30, 2008

Using a variety of mediums, including neon lighting, scrap metal and household rubbish through which to convey their meaning, Tim Noble and Sue Webster's art is arresting, profound and revolutionary. This exhibition presents works by the artists held in the Goss-Michael Collection as well as The Joy of Sex, a set of prints in which the artists reinterpret the influential sex manual of the same name.

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