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by Claire Ruud

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      Kristin Lucas
      Pencil drawings by the artist Joe McKay
      Courtesy the artist

      This issue of …might be good marks the approach of the United States presidential election. Many of our features address this election and some of the issues surrounding them: our economy (Dan Boehl on the Okay Mountain mural at capitalist venture company Austin Ventures and Lee Webster on Knifeandfork’s The Wrench and labor), the environment (Arnaud Gerspacher on Andy Coolquitt), race (Audrey Chan on Barack Obama and Adrian Piper), activism (Cody Trepte on MTAA’s Our Political Work, myself on The Activist Impulse and an interview with Elana Mann on Exchange Rate: 2008) and the era of neoconservatism (Hills Snyder).

      “Change” has been the catch word of this election season. In Refresh (2007), Kristin Lucas petitioned the Supreme Court of Alameda for a change: to change her name from Kristin Sue Lucas to Kristin Sue Lucas. In court, she read a bittersweet statement to the judge hearing her request:

      Your honor I am hear [sic] for a refresh.
      A renewal of self.
      I consider this act to be a poetic gesture and a birthday gift.
      I am ready for an update.
      An intervention into my life.
      I am here to be born again as myself, or at the very least, the
      most current version of myself.
      I am prepared to let go.
      To empty my cache.
      To refill the screen with the same information.
      To reboot knowing that the new Kristin Lucas may experience a
      tremendous sense of loss, detachment, or disappointment, or joy.
      Kristin Lucas is ready for change.
      And Kristin Lucas awaits her replacement.

      Lucas’s actions, set within the judicial system, and words, spoken to a judicial authority, evoke a paradoxical response in me. They seem simultaneously futile and powerful; I feel simultaneously beaten-down and hopeful about Lucas’s ability to affect change in herself through the system. For this reason, Lucas’s statement feels like a poem, or a prayer, for the United States as we prepare to reboot with our next president.

      Claire Ruud is Editor of ...might be good.


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