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by Katie Anania, Claire Ruud & Kate Watson

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      Taryn Simon
      Sepia Officinalis, 2008
      Mixed-media installation
      Dimensions vary
      Installation detail
      Photo Kimberly Aubuchon
      Originally commissioned and produced by Artpace San Antonio

      Hello readers, are you reading this? We're pleased to note that you've made it to the 18th word. Words 19 through 43 are even more rewarding: in them we reveal that we've just devoted three whole days to thinking about what you want.We feel fresh and revived after a productive staff retreat, and you are bored, sitting in your office selecting VVork links to send to your friends. Stop skimming Artforum's diary for candid photos of Matthew Day Jackson and consider this: what do you want?

      We know It's Complicated but we want to get a little closer to you. Click "send comments to our editors" and drop us a line. In the very near future, we'll be rolling out a comments section, too, for your discursive pleasure.

      (For your reading pleasure, try Lane Relyea’s review of Olafur Eliasson: take your time at the Dallas Museum of Art. It’s sharp.)

      (For another take on Eliasson's work, check out this sensationally popular video chronicling the artist's work.) (DISCLAIMER! This video contains adult content. Heh heh.)


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