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by Claire Ruud

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      Carlos Rosales-Silva
      Untitled, 2009
      Gold helium-filled balloons
      Courtesy the artist

      Yesterday, Leah Ollman (of Art in America and the LA Times) and Phong Bui (of The Brooklyn Rail and P.S.1) offered a few gems of wisdom about art criticism to those who attended the first in a series of three Viewpoint 2009 lectures at UT Austin. Four of the most memorable moments from these lectures follow. You might say the first two are about "critical taste," and the second two about "critical discourse"...

      Bui: "What are you painting?"
      Audience member: "Whatever I feel."
      Bui: "That sounds so spoiled."

      Ollman: [clicks to a slide of an Elizabeth Peyton portrait] I don't like art of entitlement.

      Bui: There's a Vietnamese proverb, "when you argue with a smart person, you can't win, but when you argue with a stupid person, you can't stop."

      Ollman: "Criticism is an antidote to the language of the quantifiable."

      Ollman and Bui will be back in Austin in late March to give their second set of public lectures. You really want to be there.

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