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by Claire Ruud

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      Freeway flyovers and the Buffalo Bayou, Houston
      Digital print
      22 x 14 ½ inches
      Courtesy the CLUI Photographic Archive

      Recently, LA Times critic Leah Ollman mentioned to an audience at The University of Texas that critics publishing on the internet trade the relative silence of a print audience for the relative inanity of web audience posting off-the-cuff comments. Nonetheless, this issue of …might be good introduces a comments feature. You can now (finally, we know, it’s been a long time coming) post your thoughts and responses at the bottom of any article.

      Boston’s Big Red & Shiny beat us to this a while ago. In their most recent issue they address the tone of the comments posted to their articles, and Steve Aishman notes the differences between an argument and a fight. We welcome arguments.

      Take advantage of our new comments section to join the conversation about the Texas Biennial in this issue: an interview with curator Michael Duncan, thoughts on the TXB from Dana Friis-Hansen and Jade Walker, and my review of Kelli Vance’s TXB solo show. Also in this issue, an interview with the CAMH’s soon-to-be new director Bill Arning only begins to portray Arning’s warm, energetic disposition. We can’t wait to have him in Houston. Bill, check out those highways (above).

      In our next issue, look forward to reviews from Austin (Birth of Cool at the Blanton and Tom Molloy at Lora Reynolds), Fort Worth (Jeff Elrod at The Modern), Houston (Rachel Hecker at Texas Gallery) and New York (Florian Slotawa at P.S.1). And, best of all, Gavin Morrison will propose a Texas Pavilion at the 2011 Venice Biennial. We've got our own, now we want to crash someone else's.

      Claire Ruud is Editor of ...might be good and Associate Coordinator of testsite.


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