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by Claire Ruud

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      Anne Collier
      Woman With A Camera (35mm), 2009
      35mm slides, slide projector, slide projector stand
      Dimensions variable
      Originally commissioned by Artpace San Antonio
      Photo: Todd Johnson

      After my latest visit to Artpace San Antonio, I’m thinking about artist residencies. Austin has long clamored for a residency program. But if we had our way, what kind of program would we build? Where are the most interesting models? What are the weaknesses of those models, and how would we address them? I figure the authorities on residency programs are actually the artists who do them, so I called some up. In response, Riiko Sakkinen writes a letter on residencies and hypermobility, and Sterling Allen, Harrell Fletcher and Vijai Patchineelam, offer some of their thoughts, too.

      Also in this issue, Subtext Projects, a young curatorial collective based in Dallas, offers a fresh perspective on curatorial models, and Dan Boehl talks about the collaboration between Chuck Close and Bob Holman now on the walls of the Austin Museum of Art.

      In the next issue of …might be good, look for reviews of Reduced Visibility, curated by CORE resident Kurt Muller, and Your Heart is Not a Museum at Domy Books Austin.

      Claire Ruud is Editor of ...might be good.

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      Carol Schiraldi
      Sep 11, 2009 | 7:20am

      One of the things that might really benefit Austin in terms of a
      residency program is to do something like the MacDowell Colony and
      have an interdisciplinary format, where you can combine artists like
      musicians, painters, photographers, writers, etc. That way it would
      get more backing from the locals (who seem to want to back mostly
      music) and the participants could feed off of the creativity from
      other fields.

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