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by Claire Ruud

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      Levi Dugat
      Calm Me Waving at Angry Me, 2009
      18 x 24 inches
      Graphite on paper
      Courtesy the artist and Domy Books

      Today, Fluent~Collaborative is hosting a Satellite Summit for this year's National Summit on Arts Journalism. This year, the summit is focusing on new models in cultural coverage on the web. What new possibilities for format, content and coverage does the internet present? And, importantly, what creative business models are out there for funding these projects?

      These are huge questions. They are the practical side of the conceptual question, what is arts journalism today? In a matter of four hours, we can only scratch the surface. I'll report back next week on our discussion.

      Enjoy this issue, and if you're looking for a quick roundup of what's on the walls of Austin's galleries right now, check out this week's ...might be good recommends.

      Claire Ruud is Associate Director of Fluent~Collaborative.


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