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by Claire Ruud

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      Luisa Lambri
      Untitled (Menil House #01)
      Laser chrome print
      47.25 x 56.75 inches
      Collection of Suzanne Deal Booth and David G. Booth

      First of all, definitely go see Desire at the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas at Austin. The last show in Austin that stirred up so much conversation around the office at Fluent~Collaborative might have been Geometry of Hope, way back in 2007. I review Desire in this issue.

      On a completely different front, quite a bit of institutional news has popped up in the Austin art world over the past two weeks. Perhaps 2010 will be a year of fresh starts following the house-cleaning provoked by the recession.

      The Visual Arts Center at UT Austin finished its remodel, and the galleries are well appointed. Eric Zimmerman is right: this could be a game-changer for the university's art department and for the city at large. The Center won't begin programming in earnest until the fall, but artist David Ellis will be in residence there later this spring.

      Meanwhile, The Blanton Museum of Art announced a major staff reorganization. Jeanne Claire van Ryzin laid out the details nicely on her blog. Significantly, the museum will eventually be looking for a new curator in modern and contemporary art to fill a vacancy created by the promotion of Annette DeMio Carlozzi to the position of Deputy Director for Art and Programs. Between Ned Rifkin, Carlozzi and this future curator, the center of power at the Blanton seems to be consolidating in the modern and contemporary court.

      Finally, Arthouse, which is also in the midst of a major remodeling project, has begun looking for a Curator of Public Programs. Think about what Aimee Chang has done for the Blanton since her recent arrival, and you'll have some idea how much impact this could have on the depth and breadth of Arthouse's programming.

      We at Fluent~Collaborative do not have a building project or major staff changes to report. However, I do want to mention that we're opening testsite back up beginning Sunday, March 7, for an exhibition of new work by photographer Elizabeth Chiles. Before then, ...might be good will grace your in-boxes again with, among other things, reviews of Nothing to See Here at CTRL Gallery in Houston and Luke Savisky's new installation at Austin Museum of Art.

      Claire Ruud is Associate Director of Fluent~Collaborative.


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