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by Claire Ruud

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      John Kelly in Paved Paradise Redux

      Continuing its pedagogical journey, in this issue, ...might be good brings you teachers in a museum and a museum in a teacher's office: a review of Substitute Teacher curated by Stuart Horodner and Regine Basha at The Atlanta Contemporary and an interview with artist Michael Corris, who recently opened the Free Museum of Dallas in the Office of the Chair at Southern Methodist University. Horodner and Basha's exhibition poses the question, "if a museum is an educational space, what kind of substitute teacher is an artist?" while Corris's Free Museum asks, "how can a museum inside the academy (and I mean really inside, not just kind of) affect the space of education?"

      Michael David Murphy's review of Substitute Teacher is also interesting in relationship to John Kelly's thoughts on drag in this issue. Whereas Murphy wrangles with the lack contained within the idea of substitution, Kelly's discussion of shape-shifting speaks to the possibilities that the substitute may embody. I haven't completely wrapped my head around this one yet, but the idea of the substitute as a productive persona is certainly worth chewing on.

      Also in this issue, don't miss a review of Adam Schreiber's first solo show in a New York gallery and an interview with Sina Najafi of Cabinet.

      Claire Ruud is Associate Director of Fluent~Collaborative.


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