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by Claire Ruud

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      Chantal Akerman
      Women From Antwerp in November, 2007
      Video installation
      Courtesy the artist and Marian Goodman Gallery, New York and Paris

      We at Fluent~Collaborative are delighted to re-launch … might be good, our contemporary arts e-publication based in Austin, Texas. As you’ll notice … might be good has a new look and feel; we’re deliberately offering shorter, more concise issues and pithier features for your reading pleasure.

      Five years ago, in 2003, Fluent~Collaborative recognized a need in Austin for communication among the film, music, performing and visual art scenes and between the university and arts organizations in Austin. In response, we created … might be good as an arts listing service to foster interaction and dialogue between these communities. Over the years, the publication grew to incorporate critical reviews, interviews and artists’ work and eventually our scope expanded to include coverage of art events farther afield than Texas.

      As … might be good takes off again in 2008 with a list of over 5,000 international subscribers, we reaffirm our commitment to fostering thoughtful dialogue about the production and reception of contemporary art. As always, … might be good will offer features that respond to noteworthy happenings within our immediate surroundings in Austin, our regional setting within Texas and the context of art communities worldwide.

      In this issue, … might be good introduces a new feature—Artist’s Space—dedicated to presenting new work in the format of digital images, sound and video. Artist’s Space offers its participants an opportunity to create work, often work designed for exhibition via the Internet, and to present this work to … might be good’s international audience. For our first Artist’s Space, Jules Buck Jones has brought together a suite of trinocular beasts. Among other features, this issue also includes an interview with Kelly Baum, former Assistant Curator of American and Contemporary Art at the Blanton Museum, and a review of between to and from at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, a group exhibition of emerging artists that includes work by Heather Johnson, an artist who left a lasting mark on the Austin art community before she moved to New York last year.

      Lastly, we’re pleased to report that Fluent~Collaborative has resumed testsite, its experimental exhibition program dedicated to fostering collaborations between artists and writers (and others less easily categorized). On view right now is testsite 08.1 Ether, a collaboration between art historian Frances Colpitt and artist Terri Thorton. Looking ahead, this year’s testsite schedule includes a collaboration between ICA Philadelphia Curator Ingrid Schaffner and artist Beverly Semmes (opening April 6, 2008) and a collaboration between Dean of Graduate Studies at California College of the Arts, Larry Rinder and artist Cliff Hengst (opening June 15, 2008).

      We’re thrilled to be re-launching testsite and … might be good. Dig in.

      P.S. We’d love to receive your feedback on our new design, created for us by Paul Kremer of The Speared Peanut. Please email us at to let us know what you think about the form and functionality of the new ...might be good.

      Claire Ruud is Managing Editor of … might be good.


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