Fantasy Road Trips

by Kate Watson

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      Cory Arcangel, Beat the Champ (Sega Genesis Championship Bowling: Dana) 2008

      installation with hacked Sega Genesis game controller, dimensions variable
      Courtesy of the artist and Team Gallery, New York, NY

      As August in Texas continues to rear her ugly head, here are some fabulous distractions that will take you around the world, back in time, or at least into a comfort-laden parallel universe reminiscent of your parents’ basement.

      Break out your best “roaring 20’s” outfit for Space in Early Twentieth-Century Cinema at Menil Park on August 23rd at 8 PM. Bring your cheapest boxed wine and revel in this marvelous (free!) program filled with rare, Dadaist films. Peter Mowris, University of Texas Research Fellow-in-Residence at The Menil Collection, will lead a gallery tour at 6:30 p.m before the screening of relevant works in the collection.

      On the other side of the screen, it all looks so easy. RESET/PLAY, opening September 6th at Arthouse, is a virtual who’s who of artists working in that formidable “post-game artistic sub-genre.” This show promises to be way better than all those hours you wiled away in the dark mastering Street Fighter II.

      Elaine Bradford & Seth Mittag officially dock their magic ship at Art Palace on September 6th from 8-10 pm for Fictitious Realities/Realistic Fictions. This two-person show is a fascinating duet—both artists play with themes of domestic Americana with a remarkably light touch.

      Cut the Cord! From Up Here Everything Makes Sense! at Okay Mountain is all exclamation marks and we certainly appreciate the enthusiasm right around now. Described on the website as a free form video mix tape, the tasty and abundant offerings procured by Austin’s own Erick Michaud couldn’t be better timed. Make sure to sneak off to the “screening room”—the Mountaineers have wrangled all of the air conditioning in the whole place and directed it to this spot.

      Chocolate: A Photography Exhibition (opening September 6th) at the San Antonio Museum of Art sounds a bit silly but in all likelihood promises to be quiet the sensuous diversion. The images in this show might inspire some home experimentation, but we’ll stick to the experts for now.

      If you just can’t get enough of those spectacular pint-size Chinese gymnasts on television but can’t afford the steep airfare to the Big Dumpling, don’t despair-- Mike Osborn: On Location, Beijing at Houston Center for Photography promises to be stellar. Mike’s technicolor images truly capture the surreal urban landscape of China’s capital city and are the perfect antidote to these long Texas days. Opens September 12th from 6-8 PM.