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      Teresita Fernandez
      In-progress installation of Stacked Waters, 2009
      Cast Acrylic
      Official unveiling to occur January 31, 2009
      Courtesy Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, TX

      What happens when a museum is short staffed (through no fault of its own, museum directors being in extremely short supply)? No one remembers to check the building plans to make sure none of the walls are concrete. During the installation of a new work by Teresita Fernandez in The Blanton Museum's atrium, installers discovered one such concrete wall and Fernandez's acrylic panels had to be glued, rather than nailed, on. Considering the damage taking down the panels will do to both the work and the wall itself, we’re guessing the installation will be up for quite a while now. Lucky for us, it’s beautiful. From the entrance, Stacked Waters creates the enveloping impression of being at the bottom of a deep, sparkling, blue pool, and, ascending the stairs to the second floor galleries, the feeling of emerging into crisp white air after a long dip. Ultimately, a success.

      Also in Austin, don’t miss Matt Stokes’s exhibition at arthouse, these are the days, for which he gathered a slew of Austin punk ephemera and filmed a punk show, only backwards: he took footage of the audience at a concert he organized at the Broken Neck and then filmed a band recording music in response to his footage. If you want to rub shoulders with Austin punk legends, check out Stokes’s artist talk at arthouse at 3pm, Saturday, January 24. (Also look forward to our next issue, where we sit down with Stokes for a heart-to-heart examining the artist's process and time in Austin.)

      Later that evening, stop by lora reynolds to see photographs a few art world legends, from László Moholy-Nagy to Gerhard Richter. At 7pm, curator Maureen Mahony will shed light on the show’s premise: the exploration of abstraction in photography.

      Further ahead, Viewpoint 2009, a series of annual critics' lectures hosted by UT's Department of Art and Art History, is bringing Leah Ollman (of the LA Times and Art in America) and Phong Bui (of P.S.1 and The Brooklyn Rail) this year. Huge. Their first lectures will be held on Thursday, February 5 at 4pm in the Art Building on campus, Room 1.102.

      In San Antonio, check out Kehinde Wiley at Artpace; in Houston, The Center For Land Use Interpretation’s Texas Oil at the Blaffer; and in Dallas, Show #21: Protagonist at And/Or.