No National Monument & More


This weekend
by Rose Salseda

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      Carlos Rosales-Silva
      Untitled, 2009
      Gold helium-filled balloons
      Dimensions vary
      Courtesy of the artist

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      “Identity is a disease”
      -Arakawa and Madeline Gins, Reversible Destiny

      Upon reflection on this statement, we may begin to realize the restrictions and plurality of identity, and some of us may even find weakness in it. Recently, Austin artist Carlos Rosales-Silva, through a quest to rediscover the vestiges of his cultural heritages, has been exploring the multiplicity of identity. In Bringing Sexi’ Back (see it on youtube, performed at Mexic-Arte this past October), we witness the dilemmas of his discovery; we feel confusion and understand the limitations of identity. Yet, these same dilemmas produce an undeniable humor in Rosales-Silva's work. The artist's self-discovery is an effective tool that simultaneously jests and evokes reflection.

      On February 7th at 10pm, Rosales-Silva is back, introducing the influence cultural rediscovery has made in No National Monument at MASS Gallery. Through provocative works on paper and captivating installations, which include gold helium-filled balloons that spell out “VATOS LOCOS 4 EVR,” Rosales-Silva presents a thoughtful interrogation of self-identity and heritage through wit, humor, and optical decadence. Beforehand, don’t miss out on the artist’s 7pm performance this same night at the Creative Research Lab’s closing reception for A Strange Land.

      In addition to these Saturday events, check out Domy Books' double opening for Nicole Eriko Smith’s Consent to Play and We Stopped Fighting for This?, a collaborative installation created by Lauren Cardenas, Carling Hale and Alison Kuo. Last, but not least (and with shameless self-promotion), make sure to stop by our very own testsite this Sunday to view the culmination of writer Charles Dee Mitchell's and artist Doug Macwithey's collaboration Selections from the Seals of Philosophers.

      Rose Salseda is an intern at Fluent~Collaborative.