The Month of August

by Claire Ruud

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      Ludwig Schwarz
      Untitled, 1997
      72 x 72 inches
      Oil and enamel on canvas
      Courtesy the artist

      Actually, I don't recommend the month of August in Austin. But if you're here, I do recommend Okay Mountain's next show Polymict, curated by artist Nathan Green. The exhibition draws together four other artists with whom Green has an aesthetic kinship: Warren Aldrich, Lillian Gerson, Logan Grider and Ludwig Schwarz. Green has selected nine paintings by Grider and Schwarz, and Aldrich and Gerson are making the sculptural components. Together, the paintings and sculptures will be installed in the gallery as an integrated whole—as one big, well, polymict. If you’re a devotee of Nathan Green’s own paintings (and his more recent foray into sculpture), I get the feeling this show is going to contextualize his work in a whole new way. If you haven't ventured out much in this heat, a cold beer awaits you at the opening on Saturday, August 15 from 7 to 10 pm.

      Also that weekend, on Friday from 7 to 9 pm, Mexic-Arte opens its 14th annual Young Latino Artists (YLA) exhibition. I've been e-talking to the curator, Eduardo Xavier Garcia, and an interview with him is forthcoming in the next issue of ...might be good.

      Claire Ruud is Editor of ...might be good.