No te rajes

by Claire Ruud

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      Levi Dugat
      we are taming the lions in our chests, 2009
      Graphite on paper
      Courtesy the artist and Domy Books

      Senator Ted Kennedy said, um, sung it: ay, Jalisco, no te rajes. And we loved him for it. On that note (excuse the pun), we push forward into the fall after a rocky summer.

      Anxiety: Exhibition and Catalog Release
      Pump Project Art Complex, 702 Shady Lane
      Opening Saturday, August 29, 7-10pm

      The theme of Cantanker’s third annual summer catalog is well-timed. After nearly a year spent in a state of anxiety, sometimes I’d frankly prefer to feign a state of complete calm. But as my therapist will tell you, repression merely creates a bigger mess to clean up later. So let it all hang out at Anxiety this Saturday.

      Sterling Allen: Use Your Ilusion
      Jessical Halonen: Rx Garden

      Art Palace Gallery
      , 2109 Cesar Chavez
      Opening Thursday, September 3, 8-10 pm

      If the title of Sterling Allen’s upcoming exhibition at Art Palace leaves you hankerin’ for November Rain, take a second glance. Either Allen can’t spell, or he’s already playing with our minds. Meanwhile, in the gallery’s Project Room, Jessica Halonen sculptures and works on paper draw inspiration from botanical illustration and experiments in genetic modification.

      Immesurable Space and Infinite Worlds
      AMODA Performance 13
      Mexican American Cultural Center, 600 River Street
      Performance Saturday, September 5, 8-10 pm

      Flash from the past: six of Austin's most accomplished percussionists will perform three crazy cool compositions from the 1960s and 70s: Iannis Xenakis’s electroacoustic Bohor (1962), Luigi Nono’s Con Luigi Dallapiccola (1979), and best of all, Xenakis’s Persephassa (1969), commissioned by the Empress of Iran for performance at the historic site of Perselpolis. Whoa.

      Bear Guerra: Postcards from Invisible Cities: Photographs 2005-2009
      L. Nowlin Gallery, 1202 A West 6th Street
      Opening Saturday, September 5, 6-8 pm

      The photographic journalist, Roberto “Bear” Guerra has worked for Amnesty International USA, taught English in South Korea, and holds a degree in Cultural Anthropology. For a great introduction to his work, check out this project he worked on with his wife in 2008 working with his wife, Ruxandra Guidi, Coca Sí, Cocaína No: Evo Morales' Coca Policy in Los Yungas, Bolivia.

      Nathan Green & Dave Bryant: Don’t Let Your Time Do You
      MASS Gallery, 916 Springdale Road
      Opening Saturday, September 5, 7-11 pm

      These days, Austin may feel like a desert island, but it’s no paradise. Nathan Green and Dave Bryant promise a desert island, and the paradise part to boot, at MASS next weekend. Well, knowing Green and Bryant, don’t count on it. They also describe the installation as “ramshackle” and “idiosyncratic.” Now that’s more like the guys I know.

      Levi Dugat & Leah DeVun: Your Heart Is Not a Museum
      Domy Books, 913 E Cesar Chavez
      Opening Saturday, September 12, 7-9pm

      Leah DeVun, who you know and love for her photos of saucy, young Hannah Montana groupies, teams up with Levi Dugat, who you may not know yet, but you’re gonna love. The two artists will show graphite drawings of family and friends, and a girl’s best friend.

      Claire Ruud is Editor of ...might be good.