Issue #175
Mystic Truths & Offbeat Revelations September 30, 2011

Deborah Stratman
FEAR Call Center
9 x 12 feet
Site-specific installation, mixed media and phone line
The FEAR toll-free number (1-800-585-1078) will be functioning until 2014

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Nick Cave, Deborah Stratman and Miguel Aragon

Deborah Stratman and Miguel Aragon
Tiny Park, Austin
Closed September 25

Austin is no stranger to spaces that fall into the D.I.Y. category. Tiny Park, a new upstart space run by Brian Willey and Thao Votang out of their north Austin residence, looks to provide Austin with a place for exhibitions, film screenings and readings, with larger projects and events taking place at outside venues. Whatever the future holds for the space, their current offering of 2004 Whitney Biennial participant Deborah Stratman and University of Texas M.F.A. Candidate Miguel Aragon looks to start things off on the right foot, sophistically merging the D.I.Y ethic with conceptually savvy work. 

Nick Cave, Ever-After
Jack Shainman Gallery, NYC
In Collaboration with Mary Boone Gallery
September 9 – October 8

Gallery hopping in Chelsea often results in a feeling of fuzzy-eyed homogeneity, with trends coming to the fore and the differences between exhibitions melting into a haze of images, objects and foot traffic. Walk past Nick Cave’s row of looming white-haired bunny figures at Jack Shainman gallery, or the ‘Soundsuit’ playground at Mary Boone, and you’ll quickly snap out of your art-viewing coma. Cave’s exhibitions of meticulously crafted ‘Soundsuits,’ at once deeply meditative and outwardly exuberant, are such mesmerizing offerings that you’ll swear you hear whispering by the time you’re done with the exhibition.

Eric Zimmerman is an artist and Editor of ...might be good.

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