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Prospect New Orleans Announces Artists And Venues For Second Edition Of New Orleans International Contemporary Art Biennial

Prospect.2 is currently planned to feature 26 local, national and international artists with diverse cultural and generational backgrounds working in a range of artistic media.

“With Prospect.2, we are excited to once again welcome visitors and locals to one of the world's most dynamic contemporary art biennials,” says Dan Cameron. “Those selected to participate in Prospect.2 include some of the most influential and recognized artists working today, a group of rising younger artists on the cusp of international careers, and artists making significant contributions to the New Orleans arts community. In addition to being a showcase of some of today's most vital art-making, the biennial will again draw attention, creative energy, and economic activity to the City of New Orleans, a historic artistic center, and the Gulf Region.”

The following artists will be exhibiting their work in Prospect.2: Sophie Calle (b. France); Nick Cave (b. USA); Jonas (b. Sweden); Bruce Davenport Jr. (b. USA); Dawn DeDeaux (b. USA); R. Luke DuBois (b. USA); George Dunbar (b. USA); William Eggleston (b. USA); Nicole Eisenman (b. France); Karl Haendel (b. USA); Ragnar Kjartansson (b. Iceland); William Pope.L (b. USA); An-My Lê (b. Vietnam); Ivan Navarro (b. Chile); Lorraine O'Grady (b. USA); Tsuyoshi Ozawa (b. Japan); Gina Phillips (b. USA); Ashton T. Ramsey (b. USA); Alexis Rockman (b. USA); Joyce J. Scott (b. USA); Jennifer Steinkamp (b. USA); Dan Tague (b. USA); Robert Tannen (b. USA); Grazia Toderi (b. Italy); Francesco Vezzoli (b. Italy); and Pawel Wojtasik (b. Poland).

In addition to the projects organized by Prospect.2, a number of artists, including Canadian sculptor Michel de Broin, environmental artist Brandon Ballengee, and Seattle-based Don and Patricia Fels, are developing major new projects that will premiere simultaneously in New Orleans.

For more details, please visit the Prospect New Orleans website.

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