MBG Issue #14: November 13, 2003

Issue # 14November 13, 2003November 13, 2003share with a friend:reviewsPromise of Progress at the old Idea Gallery c/o of AMODA November 5- 15, 2003 Achtung! AMODA has grown up (somewhat)! So often we have gone to the things that have been organized under their banner to find just another party for the twenty something set. However, thanks to the planning … Read More

MBG Issue #13: November 3, 2003

Issue # 13November 3, 2003November 3, 2003share with a friend:eventsDan Graham talk Today, Monday, Novembers at 5pm Jessen Auditorium at UT Shame on UT Architecture (Wake-Up!)! When Dan Graham comes to town you tell the art community. We would have sent a notice about this earlier, but we just heard about it today. Dan Graham is speaking in an auditorium … Read More

MBG Issue #12: October 30, 2003

Issue # 12October 30, 2003October 30, 2003share with a friend:ReviewsProjections: Difficult Daughters The Jack S. Blanton Museum August 27 – January 4, 2004 There is a difference in the way the younger artists and older artists in Difficult Daughters approach the theme of isolation. Both of the younger artists use bratty, Lolita-like personas in videos that they star in. They … Read More

MBG Issue #11: October 8, 2003

Issue # 11October 8, 2003October 8, 2003share with a friend:ReviewsTransgressive Women The Jack S. Blanton Museum August 27 – January 4, 2003 Located in Art Building @ 23rd and San Jacinto on UT Campus Culled from the Jack S. Blanton’s permanent collection, “Transgressive Women” unites the work of four maverick female artists active at different points from the 1950’s – … Read More

MBG Issue #10: September 25, 2003

Issue # 10September 25, 2003September 25, 2003share with a friend:ReviewsLo feo de este mundo: Images of the Grotesque The Jack S. Blanton Museum August 27 – January 4, 2003 Images of the Grotesque challenges each viewer’s attention span, asking us to put off immediate sweet-tooth rewards in favor of the broader pleasure of a deepened understanding of the often marginalized … Read More

MBG Issue #3: June 22, 2003

Issue # 3June 22, 2003June 22, 2003share with a friend:ReviewsIn a New Light (Literature) The Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center May 13 – September 14, 2003 The Ransom Center is finally airing out its kaleidoscopic collection of letters, paraphernalia, and other curiosities, each of which somehow turned the key to a culturally historic moment. They are found spread within vitrines … Read More

MBG Issue #2: June 10, 2003

Issue # 2June 10, 2003June 10, 2003share with a friend:ReviewsProjections: Body Language The Jack 8. Blanton Museum May 16 – June 19 A nicely air-conditioned white cube may be a great escape from the summer heat, and actually Projections at the Blanton is quite refreshing. The third in the series, Body Language, screens four contemporary video works in a loop. … Read More

MBG Issue #1: Choice Cuts

Issue # 1Choice CutsMay 1, 2003share with a friend:ReviewsEmbracing the Present: The UBS Art Collection AMOA Downtown May 17- August 10, 2003 Aside from a few earlier artists that are thrown into the mix, Embracing the Present features a small sample of work by many 80’s and 90’s art-world luminaries. For those of us who have only seen these images … Read More