Armando Miguelez

Armando Miguelez


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Installation image from testsite 13.2, 2013. Image courtesy of the artist.

About the Artist

Somewhere Close to Anywhere but here, or A Few Beds I’ve Slept in

A person’s bed is the most intimate space to capture. It’s the spot that shares both dreams and nightmares. It’s the final resting place for our weary minds to assess the events of the day before drifting into slumber, and it is where one first registers the light of day upon awakening.

For Armando Miguélez these beds document the artist’s scattered life. They are the proof of his physical presence depicted by his absence in the frame. They tell the stories that happen between the seconds of love, loss, commitment, and life. They are the intimate compilation of his histories, and the snapshots of the seemingly trivial moments that occur between resting ones head at night, and opening ones eyes at the first light of day.

The intimate and domestic setting of Testsite will host Miguélez’s narrative and history via the stories of the beds he has slept in throughout his many years of travel. The exhibition will highlight the intimate and domestic setting of the Testsite as a home as well as some of the most intimate moments of the artist’s life.

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