Just Because 21.1: Steve Wiman & Sydney Yeager

Just Because 21.1

Steve and Sydney's Excellent/ Colorful ADVENTURE

Steve Wiman and Sydney Yeager

April 11 - June 5 2021

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New collaborative works by Sydney Yeager and Steve Wiman
Steve Wiman & Sydney Yeager.

Project Details

Fluent~Collaborative & just because... are pleased to present Steve and Sydney’s Excellent/Colorful ADVENTURE, a collaboration between artists Steve Wiman and Sydney Yeager. The project opens on Sunday, April 11.

Equally inspired by the natural world and by the ordinary stuff of daily life, these two artists celebrate the beauty found there, each in their own way.

Sydney Yeager uses the medium of oil paint on linen. Her paintings are bold, rich, active explorations of color, texture, movement, and idea. Steve Wiman uses objects and found bits to explore the same issues.

In the past, Sydney and Steve have shared a friendship, shared studio space, and shared an admiration for one another’s commitment to process. Their works share joyfulness as well, even in the face of these dark times. In this installation at just because..., you will find independent work from each, collaborative work from years past, and new work created by each in direct response to the work of the other made just for this exhibit.

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