R. Eric McMaster

R. Eric McMaster


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R. Eric McMaster, Score for a Stringed House in A Major, 2019, UV print on curly maple, 24 x 16 x 1 inches. Image courtesy of the artist.

About the Artist

R. Eric McMaster’s works often involve athletes, performers, and/or experiences that are jolted or shifted in some way, be it environmental, situational or through interaction with an object. An effort is made to disrupt the familiar through materiality, context, or narrative as a way to highlight an unnamable amalgam of absence, humor, and awe.

McMaster’s works have exhibited in New York, Hiroshima, New Delhi, Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, New Orleans, Philadelphia, San Antonio, and Phoenix among others. He is the recipient of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Professional Fellowship, the Ted Decker Catalyst Fund, and numerous scholastic grants and scholarships. R Eric McMaster lives and works in Austin and is a faculty member at The University of Texas.

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