Catherine Walworth

Catherine Walworth


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Installation view, Renee Cox: Soul Culture, Columbia Museum of Art, Columbia, SC, December 15, 2017-April 22, 2018. (detail)

About the Collaborator

Catherine Walworth is a historian of modern art, whose work incorporates material culture, industrial design, film, fashion, and dance. She received her B.A. from Cornell College (1995); M.A. from the University of Washington (2000), and Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in 2013. She uses a broad cultural lens for approaching artworks, including political and economic contexts. Her book Soviet Salvage: Imperial Debris, Revolutionary Reuse, and Russian Constructivism (Penn State University Press, 2017) was short-listed for a First Book Prize by the Modernist Studies Association in 2018. Walworth is a co-author of the groundbreaking industrial design monograph Silver to Steel: The Modern Designs of Peter Muller-Munk (Carnegie Museum of Art, 2015) and a contributor to Artistic Luxury: Fabergé, Tiffany, Lalique (Cleveland Museum of Art, 2008). Walworth began her career at the Seattle Art Museum (1996-2002) and held curatorial positions at the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas (2002-2004), a curatorial fellowship at the Cleveland Museum of Art (2006-2008) and was a Curatorial Research Assistant at Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh (2014-2015). Since 2016 she has served as one of only two curators at the Columbia Museum of Art where she has overseen numerous collection-based and traveling exhibitions, and organized several modern and contemporary exhibitions, including Renée Cox: Soul Culture (2017); Jackson Pollock: Mural (2018-2019); and Mimi Kato: Ordinary Sagas (2019). Her upcoming exhibition projects include The Ironic Curtain: Art from the Soviet Underground (2021).

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