MBG Issue #15: December 19, 2003

Issue # 15

December 19, 2003

December 19, 2003

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Roy Stanfield / Regine Basha
December 7, 2003 - January 10, 2004

The lawnmower and weed-eater Stanfield used to clean up a forgotten sculpture park at Laguna Gloria Art Museum take
prominent places within this exhibition at testsite's private residence/space. These objects (several Commodore hard drives,
a sixty-cent stamp and the remnants of the markers for the sculptures) are like puzzle pieces, ultimately forming a meditation on the loss of meaning. Basha compiled writing from a variety of sources and positions these in relation to Stanfield's work. She offers no answers or explanation as to what it is that we are looking at, but rather gives us clues to access a way of thinking. The show will take work on your part, forcing you to decide whether to turn around and leave upon entering or to stay and ask questions. Do we think about the failure of artworks from the past, the potential of the present, or the promise of meaning that art may never give us?

Robyn O' Neil: lAIR 03.3
November 13, 2003 - January 25, 2004

Twenty-six year-old Houston artist Robyn O'Neil has come away from her ArtPace residency with an artwork that will be known as among her most important of her early works. The epic drawing, titled "Everything that stands will be at odds with its neighbor, and everything that falls will perish without grace.", stretches across three framed panels and at 8 x 13 ft is almost one hundred times the size of her previous drawings. Mysterious men traverse a winter landscape, walking, falling and laying motionless in the presence of every kind of dead animal. A truly haunting artwork, the piece will be exhibited in the 2004 Whitney Biennial before making its home at our very own Blanton.

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Kazimir Malevich: Suprematism
The Menil Collection
On view through January 11, 2004

Kazimir Malevich: Suprematism is the first exhibition to focus exclusively on the artist's work from 1915 to 1932 - a definitive point in Malevich's oeuvre during which he developed a system of abstract painting called Suprematism. The Menil Collection brings together approximately 100 paintings, drawings, and objects from public and private collections around the world.

The Heroic Century: The Museum of Modern Art Masterpieces
The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
On view through January 4, 2004

Selected from the permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art, New York, The Heroic Century consists of 209 works ranging in date from 1885 to 1998 and structured chronologically by art historical movement, leading the viewer through all the major stylistic developments that define the Modern era.

Fall 2003 Exhibitions
Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art, University of Texas at Austin
On view through January 4, 2003

We've reviewed them - now go see them!
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Trangressive Women
Masterpieces of European Painting
Difficult Daughters
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