MBG Issue #2: June 10, 2003

Issue # 2

June 10, 2003

June 10, 2003

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Projections: Body Language
The Jack 8. Blanton Museum
May 16 - June 19

A nicely air-conditioned white cube may be a great escape from the summer heat, and actually Projections at the Blanton is quite refreshing. The third in the series, Body Language, screens four contemporary video works in a loop. The pieces are quite diverse in their themes - from Andrea Caillouet's purely visual piece to politically striking piece by Alex Lopez. Each video features a person in solitude - an anonymous person on a swing, a naked woman covering her torso with a layer of glue, a guy with his dummy and a traumatized soldier. The loop creates melancholy of incommunicable emotion.

Located in Art Building @ 23rd and San Jacinto on UT Campus
Phone: 512.471.7324
Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm
Sat-Sun: 1-5pm
Closed Thursday evenings

Red Hot American Summer
Fresh Up Club
May 28 - June 26

We've watched them grow from idea to realization, so our excitement about this fresh new art space and its potential is probably biased. Their program will alternate from local artwork out of UT, to artists and collective groups from around the country. Check out their first iteration, more of a sampling of 3 artists; Sterling Allen's paintings of found snapshots, Greg Piwonka's delicately scratched abstractions and an ongoing sampling of new videos. If you missed Omer Fast's video on last opening night, too bad, it was a rare one shot deal. Be sure to
visit them, next to Blue Theater, it's worth the drive all the way to East Austin. *

Located inside Blue Theater
916 Springdale Rd
Austin TX 78702-3721
Phone: 512 740 4367
Email: freshupclub@yahoo.com
Hours: Thursday evenings 5-8pm and by appointment

*Fresh Up Club Is a cosponsor of ...might be good this blurb represents a potential conflict of interest. However, if the show were not any good we would not have recommended it.


...2 one shot deals

Screening: I Shot Andy Warhol
The Austin Museum of Art
Thursday, June 12th @ 7pm

Chale Nafus, Director of Programming at the Austin Film Society, will discuss the work of American Pop artist Andy Warhol and present the offbeat, gritty biopic I Shot Andy Warhol. Program is free with Museum admission.

Videos by the Paper Rad Collective
Fresh Up Club
Wednesday, June 11th 6-9pm

Paper Rad videos and live music by the likes of DJ Panda Face, Extreme Animals, and You're Pretty.

...heads up! Mathew Barney's Cremaster Cycle is on its way to the Dobie Theatre (July 11 - July 17), and tickets will be on sell a week in advance. We'll have more on this in a future edition.

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