MBG Issue #25: June 4, 2004

Issue # 25

June 4, 2004

June 4, 2004

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Sculpture Center, Long Island City
16 May -1 August 2004

The trouble with Treble is also what makes it so smart; each work successfully syncs its visual components with invisible, usually audible elements that require everyone to slow down, think, perceive, and receive. The renovated garage of the Sculpture Center is such a dramatic stage that Curator Regine Basha has worked hard to find or create intimate spaces in which the visitor can focus on the subtleties of this eclectic international grouping of known and unknowns-and that's vital. For example, Brad Tucker's thrift-shop decorated geodesic dome, the largest object here, makes its own internal space, while Jim Hodges' blown glass bells, hang in a smaller, low-ceilinged side gallery, and the true treat is how a handful of artists have been installed in the underground warren of niches. Catch it before August 1.

Provisional Beauty: New Work by Lance Letscher
d berman gallery
27 May - 3 July 2004

In his collages, Letscher uses found papers, envelopes, advertisements, and magazines, cutting these into slivers, curves and circular and rectangular shapes. Through a careful process of arrangement and layering with these elements, he constructs larger geometric patterns reminiscent of quilts, seventies textiles, and Japanese printed paper designs. Evident not only in the overall formal structure of the works but also in the artist's careful use of color is a deliberate and clear design sensibility. This attention to formal concerns keeps the works from sliding into naïve nostalgia.

Jessica Halonen: Scattered
Women and Their Work
13 May-19 June 2004

Jessica Halonen's current solo show at women & their work entitled "Scattered" fills the intimate exhibition space with a cacophony of color: textbooks covered with colored graph paper climb the walls opposite countless sheets of paper haphazardly strewn in the corner. While the focus of this exhibition is these two installations-each impressive in both size and concept (only clear when reading the accompanying artist's statement), the surprising gems are Halonen's two small works on paper, Bioscape and Wobble, which exhibit a delicate simplicity that the larger works lack. On view through June 19.


In Conversation: Dan Graham and Michael Smith
Artforum, May 2004

In the second installment of Artforum's In Conversation series, artist Dan Graham sits down with Austin's own Michael Smith, artist and Assistant Professor of Transmedia and Performance in the Department of Art and Art History, The University of Texas at Austin. If you missed it in May's issue, click here to download a copy!

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