MBG Issue #28: July 2, 2004

Issue # 28

July 2, 2004

July 2, 2004

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New American Talent: The Nineteenth Exhibition
12 June - 22 August 2004

This is the big show for Arthouse. Each year an esteemed guest curates from submissions this showcase of emerging talent. This year it was Jerry Saltz, Senior Art Critic for the Village Voice. One wonders what didn't make the cut as it would be difficult to find room for one more work of art. Saltz does not show favor to a particular genre or style (though video is absent), but rather displays his wildly varied tastes. In a lecture following the opening, Saltz defended his choices, giving off a contagious passion for the art around him. In that setting, it was hard not to fall in love with the scope of talent hanging before you. Once again, NAT is a must-see for both artists seeking to size-up their competition and a general audience interested in viewing new work from all points across the US.

Cracks in the Pavement: Gifts in the Urban Landscape
6 June - 29 August 2004

Cracks in the Pavement: Gifts in the Urban Landscape is a two-part interactive project that calls attention to small details and "in-between" spaces encountered throughout everyday life when one takes the time to look. Austin-area artists respond to what they find in the urban environment by making art objects designed to be placed in sites that Intrigue them— along city sidewalks, buried under rocks, beneath bridges, or deep in park bushes. Members of the public are invited to search for these site-specific works using maps and clues provided at www.cracksinthepavement.com. Art works featured in Cracks in the Pavement may be kept by whoever finds them. A second run of this project will be part of the 2004 London Biennale. Cracks in the Pavement is organized by Heather Johnson, and is on view from June 6 - August 29, 2004 . This writer went on the hunt and came up short with any loot but enjoyed the walk through the woods. Go check it out.

02; Space for Art (located at Flatbed World Headquarters)
20 June-10 July 2004

The 02 space has been generating a buzz in the last few months by its intimate shows inside the Flatbed building— their latest is their finest. A group show of small-scale drawings by ten artists, DRAH-RINS has a casual summertime feel while maintaining a level of seriousness through the quality of the work collected for the grouping. This is a promising effort from 02, a space with a lot of potential if they will continue to program original shows like this one and not only their single artist shows of the past. Look for works by Andy Coolquitt, Jason Singleton, and Hana Hillerova, all of whom shine.


Call For Entries~We The Video PSA's
Co-presented by Aurora Picture Show and Lawndale Art Center, Houston, Texas
Deadlines: July 15 (free) & July 30 ($5.00 late fee)

Politics are predictable, until artists get involved. Do you have 30 to 60 seconds to make a creative video PSA related to the 2004 Election season? We the Video is a cattle call to Texas artists to give us your best spin on the current state of American politics, including issues of globalization, alternate economies, immigration, marginalized communities, voting trends, or other timely issues. Selected PSAs will be run prior to screenings at Aurora Picture Show, on local public media outlets, and at a lecture by juror Doug Ashford on September 17, 2004, location TEA.


Check out this week's Austin Chronicle for a feature on Austin Museum of Art Director Dana Friis-Hansen, Arthouse Director Sue Graze and Mexic-Arte Director Sylvia Orozco entitled "Talking Art at the Top" by Sam Martin. Click here to read the article online.

Artist Robert Tatum and writer Anjali Gupta have reenergized Contemporary Art Month in San Antonio. They have done a great job! Check it out http://camsanantonio.ora .

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