MBG Issue #3: June 22, 2003

Issue # 3

June 22, 2003

June 22, 2003

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In a New Light (Literature)
The Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
May 13 - September 14, 2003

The Ransom Center is finally airing out its kaleidoscopic collection of letters, paraphernalia, and other curiosities, each of which somehow turned the key to a culturally historic moment. They are found spread within vitrines and on the walls - both high art mingling with low stuff in a more or less random hanging. Other museums, including art museums, couldn't pull off such a haphazard installation of objects;
luckily for us, it's what the HRC is all about. Amongst the gems: a portrait of Jean Cocteau's 1 Syr old lover and muse, the mask from the Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the first printed edition of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy. Isaac Bashevis Singer's Yiddish typewriter...

New American Talent 18
June 14 - August 24

Those familiar with Dominic Molon, Assistant Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and who selected this installment of
the annual New American Talent, may come to Jones Center expecting a show full of video and new-media works. However, Melon's selection surprises by presenting a show that covers an exceptionally wide range of media, with the only real unifying element being Molon himself. New American Talent consistently brings to Austin new works by artists at the beginning of their careers, who define the current trends in art making. It is like watching a beauty pageant or reality game show where viewers pick their favorites and
boo at others. Certainly something in Melon's varied show will suit your tastes, because, as we should not forget, he is also a new American talent.


In a Very New Light: Vander Clyde and Barbette
The Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
Thursday, June 26 @ 7pm

Dale Rice, Austin American Statesman writer and biographer of Barbette, will present a program about Barbette, the Central Texas-born, cross-dressing aerialist who became a sensation in Belle Epoch Paris. A cartoon of Barbette, drawn by Jean Cocteau, appears in "In A New Light."

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Review of Embracing the Present on Glasstire.com

Glasstire.com, an online resource for the latest news in Texas art, as well as home to lively discussion boards, is quickly gaining popularity in Austin. Based in Houston, this site created by Rainey Knudson is so user-friendly that we suggest you, friend, start using it today. And here is your chance. We happened across a nice little review written by Austin's Amy Dove. We
thought We'd share.


...heads up! Projections Part IV: Allegories of Cinema is going to be up at the Blanton starting this week (June 20 - July 27). It will feature Christian Marclay, Telephones (1995) / Bogdan Perzynski, Kindly (1999) / Duncan Ganley, Points of Entry (1999) / Eraser Stables, Terminal Portrait (Scott) II (2002). More on this next ...might be good!

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