MBG Issue #31: September 3, 2004

Issue # 31

September 3, 2004

September 3, 2004

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announcements: the election - you choose!

  1. REGISTER - if you haven't you should!
    Nearly 76 million eligible Americans didn't vote in 2000. Decisions are made by the people who show up, and time's running out to register to vote. Do it online at the non profit and nonpartisan site www.declareyourself.com.
  2. What creative people are doing around the country - ACTIVATE!
    The ACTIVATE Newsletter highlights some of the best politically motivated cultural events across the nation. Check it out!
  3. Here is what some members of The Texas Arts Community are doing.
    The Texas Arts Community - Over 300 (and counting) members of The Texas Arts Community are speaking out. Want to join them? Look here: www.txac.orq.


Open Doors
Through September 5, 2005

For emerging artists, it's a lot easier to exhibit traditional art forms- painting, prints, and sculpture, than it is to exhibit installation art. Most people (that is, most people who consider the struggles of young installation artists) regret, but come to accept, this inequality as a matter of fact. It's difficult to show installation works, and it's even harder to sell them. Few do anything to counteract this slight. Not so with Hunter Cross and Terra Goolsby. Cross and Goolsby, the brains behind Open Doors, have gutted a two bedroom home and opened it to nine young ambitious installation and video artists. Despite its bubble wrapped clapboard façade, the space still shows traces of its residential roots. Don't let that deter you. Open Door's is a necessary venue, and its overwhelming zeal to buck convention and create
opportunities for artists is a revelation. The space holds an excitement for art that makes a few unpolished edges easy to forgive. The doors are open, and it's worth taking a look at what's going on inside.

The Dispatcher: Carrying Green
A radio play written, directed and produced by artist Kristin Lucas
Commissioned by Werkleitz Biennale, Halle, Germany

Kristin Lucas is back in Austin! (at least through the ainwaves). The Dispatcher: Carrying Green is a political satire and comedy set in the future, in New York City, now nicknamed The Big Orange after decades of relentlessly government-issued orange alert status. Featured are a neighborhood vigilante patrol of canine-identified humans who formed out of a therapeutic support group. They call themselves the Sniff Squad. To listen online (56K modem or Hi Speed), please visit http://www.pair.com/klucas/radioplay

Traveling? Don't miss the installation at the following venues: Werkleitz Biennale in Halle, Germany (1-5 September) Postmasters Gallery in New York (August 29- September 2) Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco (September 17 - October 16). Kristin Lucas was recently a visiting professor in the Art and Art History Department, University of Texas at Austin. To view images of her most recent Austin project, Wi-Sci, a collaboration with Fluent^Collaborative and the Fresh Up Club, click here!


Twister: Moving Through Color, 1965 -1977
Noon Gallery Talk
Wednesday, September 8
Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art, University of Texas at Austin

Take a break from your lunch hour to join Kelly Baum, Assistant Curator of American Art and Cecilia Brunson, Assistant Curator of Latin American Art, for their lecture on Twister: Moving Through Color, 1965 -1977. Selected from the Blanton's permanent American and Latin American collections, the exhibition spotlights artists who embraced painting (at a time when many claimed this medium was dead) with conviction, proving paintings relevance in light of video, performance and sculpture.

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