MBG Issue #182: Productive Confusion

Issue # 182Productive ConfusionJanuary 27, 2012share with a friend:Michael Jones McKean, The Gilded Scab. Courtesy of the artist and PARISIAN LAUNDRY. Photo credit: Guy L’Hereux. (detail)from the editorTime and space; two characteristics that any artists residency program worth its salt provides plenty of. Mix in a healthy dose of support along with a stipend and you’ve got the ideal scenario: … Read More

MBG Issue #181: Flux Capacitors Are So 1985

Issue # 181Flux Capacitors Are So 1985January 13, 2012share with a friend:Installation view from “Identity,” Artists Space, 2011. Photo: Daniel Pérez. (detail)from the editorWelcome to the future! The beginning of any new year is a time for speculating on what the next 365—make that 352—days will hold. Resolutions, those time-honored and often unfulfilled declarations of self-improvement jotted on Post-its, journal pages, … Read More