testsite 12.2: Stephen Vitiello and Lora Reynolds

testsite 12.2

And the room into my buzzing head

Stephen Vitiello and Lora Reynolds

June 24th - August 26th, 2012

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Image courtesy of the artist.

Project Details

Stephen Vitiello will create a multi-channel sound piece and a series of small visual works in response to curator and gallery owner, Lora Reynolds’ proposal to create sounds that evoke a “sense of place” and ideas of “home.” Vitiello will capture recordings on-site during a short visit, leading up to the project’s opening. These recordings will be mixed in the house and spatialized in such a way that visitors may move through, listening to sounds both abstract and concrete. Gaston Bachelard writes in his book, The Poetics of Space that we crave domestic spaces that allow us to dream. Each space in a home has a vocabulary that includes sounds, smells as well as memories that resound in the woodwork. The artist and curator will follow that reasoning to explore sounds suggested by the home as well as sounds that home may not yet have imagined.

Project Images

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